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10 features you need to when starting an ecommerce business

Online StoreIf you are looking to start an ecommerce business and put a store online to sell products or service, then be sure to pay attention to the following features when considering an ecommerce platform (like Shopify, Square or BigCommerce) that will host your online business.

These platforms make it easy to setup a store in a matter of hours, as opposed to building the features of scratch using the services of a programmer:

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  1. A simple mechanism or software wizard to add a credit card gateway.
  2. And easy to edit theme file so that you can change the look of your store simply and with minimal technical skill.
  3. Add on software that allows you to extend functionality of your store without hiring a programmer
  4. Automatic tax calculation software that is built into the ecommerce platform so that correct tax rates are collected at checkout, which a client purchases a product
  5. Ability to edit the key areas of any page, including hidden code areas, so that you can optimize for search engines to index the page based on the targeted keywords you have selected.
  6. A shipping fee calculation module that allows the store owner to set specific shipping fees for products that physically have to be shipped to a customer. This should be able to integrate with couriers and post office services of your country.
  7. A mobile complaint theme (built into the store primary theme) so that the store displays well on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.
  8. Built in secure mechanisms that ensure that no sensitive transaction information is exposed to the Internet. This should be the use of an SSL certificate that protects credit card information from being stolen as it travels across the web, betwnee customer and store.
  9. Easy ability to add tracking code for Google Analytics, Facebook pixels and other code related to audience tracking and online advertising.
  10. Discount coupon functionality to set up promotions for your customers.

learn more about the general scope of ecommerce here.



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