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12 Logo Design Practices that a Graphic Designer Should Follow

Graphic Designer It requires a great talent for a graphic designer to design a creative and professional logo that can attract a larger audience. Like in any other field, there are some fundamentals that a designer needs to follow while creating a perfect logo design. Considering this, below are the top 12 logo design practices that a designer should follow to get his desired results.

A Simple and Recognizable Design
The simpler you keep your logo design, the quicker it will penetrate into the minds of people. On the other hand, complex logos become difficult to remember for people. The logo you design should be recognized easily by anyone. It should be identical to the public irrespective of any country, nation, culture, or society.

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It Shouldn’t Be Trending
Thought trending items get quick recognition over social media and different other platforms on the internet, it will not help you in the case of logo design. The logo you design should be timeless and identical for future generations. On the other hand, a trending logo will grasp the attention of your audience for just a few days and then it will be outdated. While, a timeless logo won’t ask you for a change and it will look new for a long.

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It Should Be Appropriate for the Target Audience
The design you make should be appropriate for your target audience. It should speak to its audience and shouldn’t hurt their emotions by any means. There is a target market for a product or service and you should make your design keeping your target market in the view. Whether font, colors, or vector, everything should work together and the logo should show some relevancy with your target market. Like children products use fun fonts and bright colors to appeal to children.

It Should be Balanced
You need to keep a balance in your mind by keeping the weight of your design. In the logo you designed, graphics, size, and colors, should be balanced accordingly. Remember, everyone will see your logo and there will also be some art experts who will view it with a great art.

It Should Have Clever Colors
It takes a lot efforts to decide what colors should be used in a logo design. A good graphic designer is one who understands the color scheme for a logo and who give a perfect color combination to it. Most professional logos have some decent colors like red, palette, yellow, orange, black, white, and others. You better not use any color that is extra bright.

It Should Be Customized
You can also customize your logo design on your own way. Being a logo designer, you should know how to make a design unique. In this regard, custom letters can really help you out in giving a unique touch to your logo. Once your brand becomes famous, other people will even try to copy your style of your letters in your logo just as thousands of people have already done by copying the letter style of ‘Coca Cola’.

It Should Fit to Different Sizes
Since the logo you are designing will fit to different sizes, it should be flexible enough to fit at every place. Otherwise, if the designed logo looks good on its website, but doesn’t fit to your letterheads, you will be considered as a professional designer. A good designer is the one who considers each and everything while making a design.

It Shouldn’t have Clichés
There comes a lot of changes in logo design practices every year. Though clichés look great and they also attract towards them, but it gives a bad effect, especially in the field logo design when they are used again and again by a number of people.

Typography over Mathematics
Thought the logo you design should be perfect according to mathematics as well, there comes a point when you need to prefer optical thing over geometry. A number people discussed about the logo of Google when they saw a post on Reddit describing the geometrical flaws in Google’s logo. But, a famous graphic designer, Will Patterson beautiful explained the science behind Google’s logo in his video that Google preferred typography over geometry.

A tagline is a term that is given to some few words that are placed with a logo to describe the company or what the company offers. They are generally featured under the logo or around it. Though they are not included in the initial design stages, but you must keep its place in your design so that it can be added later to the finalized logo.

Inspiration from other Designs
It should be cleared by all means that you can’t copy someone other’s logo at any cost otherwise you will have to go through some legal procedures and your business would also be shut down. But, there are no restrictions in taking inspirations from somewhere. You can take inspirations from some top designs that what methodology they used to create their logo.

The basic purpose of design a logo has always been to build recognition of a business. While designing a logo for your client, you need to keep this thing in your mind that it will become recognition of a business. By keeping this thing in your mind, you will surely add some meaningful points in it that can help it become a perfect identity.

Consequently, you can become a better designer by following the above tips and by giving your clients’ perfect logo for their brands. Design is an art that aesthetic and you need to become complicated to understand this easy term!

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