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Summoners War Online for PC Windows & Mac

Summoners War is an action packed RPG game with an arena to start your game in and summon over 900 different monsters and complete your Victory in the Sky Arena. The strategic game-play of this game gives users a different perspective while playing this game. Every monster has unique abilities …

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Goat Simulator Online for PC Windows & Mac

Simulations games are fun and in the beginning they might be boring, but once you get a good hold on them, they start to become quite easy and entertaining and not to mention, a leaning portal too. However, in Goat Simulator, things have changed quite a lot, as if you …

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Smash Hit Online for PC Windows & Mac

Get ready to take a journey through a surreal world of otherworldly dimensions. The harmony of sound and Music will be there to give you some extra boost to smash your way through everything that stands in your path. What you need here is focus, concentration and most of all perfect …

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Traffic Rider Online for PC Windows & Mac

Traffic Racer, well that is quite an old thing now that the same creators have made an exceptional masterpiece, bringing another motorbike to your PC screens, but with much more detailed gaming experience, however, keeping the fun of Old school and simplicity, taking the endless racing genre to a whole …

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Flow Free Online for PC Windows & Mac

There it is another puzzle game to arrive on your PC screens, however, with simplest game-play possible. All you got to do is to match the same color Dots without interrupting the other matched ones, the lines created must not intercept each other at any point or there will be …

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Qubed Online for PC Windows & Mac

Puzzle games are no doubt fun and entertaining, especially when they are tough and difficult to master, Rubik Cube has taken such popularity just cause of this one reason. It is difficult and also let a person engage in solving it for so long that most of the times they …

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CloudCal Online for PC Windows & Mac

CloudCal Online for PC

 This is the best calendar and organize app for you , this app will help you plan your appointments with your clients. You can also set your meetings or you can manage your upcoming events like birthdays or special events with this app. Magic Circles transform days of the month …

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doubleTwist Music Player Online for PC Windows & Mac

doubleTwist Music Player Online for PC

 This is the best music player app with sync option for you to save your playlist and share it. Easy-to-use interface that eliminates the need to jump between different apps to play music, manage podcasts, or sync iTunes. This app comes in two version one is free and other is paid …

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Solo Launcher Online for PC Windows & Mac

Solo Launcher Online for PC

 Solo Launcher is the best launcher which enables you to customize the user interface according to your needs. This app only take small memory of your device so no extra stress on your device. It also boost up your device performance so you can enjoy fast processing. You will enjoy …

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TRAFI public transport offline Online for PC Windows & Mac

TRAFI public transport offline Online for PC

 TRAFI is world’s most accurate & advanced public transport app available offline. Even more accurate than your official city transit authority. TRAFI is based on scientific state-of-art algorithms which helps us to provide the most accurate results based on real-time traffic situation in the city. Find the way around in your …

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