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3 things you must do when leaving your business to go on holiday

Even the hardest working business owners need a break every now and again. The main holiday season may over in the U.K but now with schools back in full flow and the weather turning sour it is the perfect time for a small business owner to have a little getaway. These quick tips will ensure you have a stress free trip while also arrive to a workplace which is ready to return to business as usual.

Ensure your customers know

Making sure your customers know you’re away is crucial. Not only will this let your customers know you’ve not just started ignoring them, it will also give you chance to put the emails away for a few days and relax. If you own a physical building placing a sign on the shop front with the dates you’ll be back from holiday ensures business will return to normal once you return. If you’re running an online store, it’s essential to let your customers know on the site delivery may take a little longer than usual due to the business annual leave (this will ensure you don’t return to lots of complaints).

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Have a plan for when you’re back

After a few days or even weeks away it’s fair to say you’ll have a higher rate of engagement when you return. Planning for this is crucial, perhaps bringing in a family member or extra member of staff to help you out get over this period would be beneficial.  If you run an online store, you should expect to have a backlog of orders when you return. It may be worth sending an extra gift or even a 10% discount code with the items to apologise for the delay in delivery speed.

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Prepare for an emergency  

If you’re an online store preparing for an emergency is most likely to have a plan if you’re site goes down. As I’m sure you don’t want to be spending hours trying to get your site back online while you’re away it may be worth finding a site host that can solve any errors in your site while you are on holiday.

If you’re a physical store an emergency can be very serious if you’re not there. To minimise any potential damage it is a good idea to have someone look over the store while you’re away, perhaps a close friend or family member. Installing a CCTV is a good crime prevention method as this will act as a deterrent to potential vandalism and robbery of the store.

In the United Kingdom flood season is also approaching very fast it would be a good idea to have an emergency flood specialists contact details on hand in case of an emergency. A specialist clean-up service such as CleanSafe operate 24/7 so there would be no need to panic if you were in a different time zone and the building was flooded. Having a flood plan for your business is also ideal. All electronics and gas should be turned off while you’re away and moving all valued items to high ground and save them from being damaged in a flood.

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