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4 Reasons Why a Website Design Company Focus on Responsive Design

Responsive DesignWebsites play a pivotal role when it comes to building brand awareness and promotion. It is the responsibility of a website design company to create websites for their clients that makes them attuned in the competitive global e-market. In the recent times, responsive web design is the best approach for brands.

Gone are the days when a user had to start his/ her PC in order to check or visit a particular website. With technology moving at a fast pace, demands for hands-on features are growing large.In this aspect, website design has got a huge boost in terms of accessibility. The correct term to address this is responsive web design, the buzzword for every affiliated marketer who is planning to start with their e-marketing presence. A website design company that excels in this aspect must be hired to design or redesign your company website.

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Well, the definition of responsive website design lies within its name itself. However, technically speaking a website can only be called responsive when it adapts the size of the visitor’s view port. No matter you are viewing it on a tab or phone, the sites loads quickly without any distortions. The primary benefit of such responsive web design is that there is no manual need to resize anything in order to view the content.

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A responsive website benefits business users, designs and developers in many ways. Following facets puts light on its effectiveness –

Enables More Mobile Traffic:

Smartphones are the catchphrase of the recent times. Any application or website of a company having a mobile-enabled version can seamlessly help in business promotions. However, in terms of the designers, the cost of development is also lower in comparison to that of other big devices.

Lower Maintenance Ratio:

Many brands and labels have separate websites for mobiles and computers. In contrast, there is no such need in case of responsive website design. The “one size fits all” approach of such design only minimizes the need of testing and support,while lowering the maintenance cost to a large extent.

Important for SEO

Responsive web design is gaining importance for improved search engine optimisation as quality content. When the backlinks are stronger and bounce rate is better, SEO rankings are higher benefitting mobile optimised sites. With single responsive website, the risk of duplicate content diminishes. Hence, there is no chance of negative impact on search rankings.

Enhanced Online and Offline Browsing Experience:

Both first and last impression matters in terms of visiting websites. If visitors had to do a lot of zooming, adjusting etc. their interest gets diminished. Responsive web designs offer a consistent positive experience. In terms of Smartphones, that are mostly HTML5 enabled, responsive websites allow browsing without internet connection.

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