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6 Interesting Health Benefits of Mushrooms

Benefits of Mushrooms

We all know what mushrooms are and what they look like because in most of games and movies we have watched in our childhood involves mushrooms and most of the time those mushrooms have some kind of magical powers. To some extent, mushrooms having magical powers is true in real life as well because they are packed with various kinds of vitamins and minerals along with protein, antibiotics and antioxidants and amino acids as well. This combination of nutrients helps in keeping away different kind of diseases. We can use mushroom in regular life by adding that in the different type of healthy recipes which we can use regularly or occasionally.

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What exactly a mushroom is?

Basically mushroom is a kind of fungi which is edible in nature. It was believed that there are more than 140,000 different species of mushrooms and astonishingly science is only familiarized with ten percent of them and among those ten percent only one hundred of them are being researched and studied for the health benefits they provide. There is also one thing to keep in mind that mushrooms usually grow on decaying and dead animals and plant while drawing nutrients from them, this implies that not all of the mushrooms are safe to consume. Only a handful of varieties of mushrooms that can be safely consumed by the humans.

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Health Benefits

Following are some health benefits that comes from the consumption of mushrooms, that you might not aware of:

Lower Level of Cholesterol

Mushrooms are considered as an ideal source of lean protein because they do not contain any fat and cholesterol content. Mushrooms also have a very level of carbohydrates. As a result, when they are ingested they emit enzymes and presence of fibers in them helps in bringing down the levels of cholesterol. This does not end here, the lean protein content in mushrooms burns the already excess level of cholesterol in the body. This whole process ends up creating a balance among the bad and good cholesterol present in the body. This imbalance of bad and good cholesterol is the actual culprit behind many cardiovascular diseases. This implies that mushrooms can also aid in the prevention of heart diseases.

Treatment of Anemia

Patients who are anemic are diagnosed with having lower levels of iron in their blood. Symptoms of anemia include fatigue, reduction in neural function, headaches and various issues in digestion. The mushrooms have the power of healing anemic patients. Mushrooms are not only enriched with iron but also they help in up to ninety percent absorption of iron in the body. This leads to the red blood cells formation which plays the role of keeping us healthy and functioning of our body at an optimal level.

Prevention of Cancer

Mushrooms are known for treating two major kinds of cancer; breast and prostate cancer. Studies indicate that there is higher level of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) and Beta-Glucans (BG). CLA is known for reduction of harmful side effects of estrogen and the access level of estrogen is the main reason of breast cancer in women. On the other hand, BG is helpful in inhibition of growth cancer cells in the prostate gland.

Cure for Diabetes

The mushrooms contain a natural level of enzymes and insulin which aids in the sugar break down from starchy foods. There also some compounds in mushrooms which helps the pancreas, liver, and rest of the endocrine glands to work efficiently. This further helps in the regulation of sugar in the blood.

Health Bones due to Mushrooms

There is no second opinion on the fact that mushrooms are enriched with calcium and calcium is the building block of our bones. Therefore, consumption of mushrooms improves the strength of our bones. Having a regular amount of calcium in our diet can reduce as well as prevent various bone-related diseases.

Controlled Blood Pressure

The mushrooms, specifically Shitake and Maitake are known for containing a high level of potassium. The function of this mineral in our body is to ease the tension in the blood vessels which ensure better flow of the blood and this helps in the lowering down of blood pressure. We all are aware of the fact that having a high level of blood pressure will lead to the various lethal diseases like heart attacks. Potassium also aids in cognitive function.

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