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Fighting for the remote with spouse or kids so that one can flip the channel to sports in order to see a match, review, highlight, sports news or score can be a tough thing to do. Also, one can be busy while the favorite team is playing against the warrior and miss out a match that one has been waiting for. Well, the wait is over. Here is the one in all app for people who dream sports. CBS sports is one of the top- rated sports app that allows people to access any sort of sport at any time needed.

It provides one with live matches, highlights and replays of old matches, scores, news, and schedule of different tournaments and also provides one with the information about sports and sport person as felt like. The best thing about this application is one can subscribe to the favourite sport or sportsman and get notified as soon as there is some news about the same. It is like prioritizing the things one like over others.

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This app allows one to see the match’s one have missed out on and also replay the matches if needed. It is one of the best way to stay connected with the favourite sport even when one is not sitting in front of the television set. This app is designed for the iPhone, iPad and apple TV users and is free of cost. There are other apps as well and one can search for the top ten sports app to get the entire list of applications that are dedicates towards the sports.

Game of the Week: Subway Surf Run App Store Link

There are apps that covers single sport as well like football apps, cricket apps, hockey, golf, basketball etc. and in case one has just one sport to chase after then one can surely download the dedicated app for the same.

But if one has a craving for different sport then one must go for the top ten sports app and find out the one that suits the best. The download process is simple, and one needs to register before getting started. The registration is of course free and hence one does not have to think twice before downloading the app. CBS sports cover multiple games all together. It is an ideal app for people who love golf, football, basketball and various other tournaments.

Having an app that provides one with the entire news and schedule of an upcoming tournament and also notifies before the matches one has subscribed for is like a bliss. One can chill out without having to look for the news channels and news papers for the dates. The app will remind prior to the match and even if one misses the match due to work or involvement in other business one can see it later by the help of the app. Hence, no more fights for the remote and no more compromises with the love for sports just get an app and stay all settled for the upcoming tournaments and matches at any time.

Game of the Week: Subway Surf Run App Store Link

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