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10 features you need to when starting an ecommerce business

If you are looking to start an ecommerce business and put a store online to sell products or service, then be sure to pay attention to the following features when considering an ecommerce platform (like Shopify, Square or BigCommerce) that will host your online business. These platforms make it easy …

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5 Best Plastic Surgery Apps

Beautiful Skin

Plastic surgery is more affordable, less risky, and better at producing great results than ever before. Whether you need plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons like removing a mole or because of accident or surgery, advancements in medicine and technology provide new options to anyone looking to opt for cosmetic surgery. …

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5 Best Warehouse Design Tools

warehouse design tips

Designing your warehouse for maximizing flow and accessibility is key to maintaining your efficiency and improving productivity. Creating a new warehouse layout doesn’t have to be complicated. These five free tools will help you improve your existing designs or plan a new warehouse. FlexSim FlexSim is a warehouse simulation software …

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Where Did Kevin Gates Come From

Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates was born in 1986 and his family relocated to Baton Rouge, Louisiana shortly after his birth. He broke out at the age of 19 as a regional artist and has grown since then to be a consistent resident in the Billboard Top 100. The road he has taken …

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4 Reasons to Get Up in the Morning Because Life is Awesome

Some people embrace morning, rising with a freshness and excitement. Their energy baffles non-morning people. The Japanese word ikigai roughly translates, “reason for being.” According to the Japanese culture, when you discover your personal ikigai, you experience satisfaction and meaning that makes life worth living. Within the culture, ikigai is …

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How to optimize better logistics workflows using redesigned warehouse layouts

warehouse layout

Professionally designed warehouse layouts by consultants that know how to manage optimal workflows produce more efficient warehouse facilities. This has several advantages. Working conditions for warehouse employees are better. The environment is safer for pedestrians and forklift operators. If a warehouse is experiencing inefficiencies, then executive staff need to look …

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Is soursop a tumor killer? Research shows it could be

What is soursop

Soursop has a long history of being used to fight cancer naturally. People who live in tropical climates and have readily accessible soursop fruit (also known as guanabana or graviola) that’s grown locally. The tree is often found in people’s backyards in the tropics. The graviola tree’s leaves has long …

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