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Best Heavy duty security Chain for bike in 2018

Heavy duty security Chain

Bicycle theft is epidemic. In my city, I spend longer worrying about my bike getting stolen than my automobile. It’s true!The ugly truth is that bike thieving is common and really hard to manage. If your bike gets upraised, chances are you won’t be seeing it once more.

The best precaution against a thieving is to be sensible, and to shop for a decent lock. the simplest bike bike locks ar secure, just about unbreakable and straightforward to use.

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Unfortunately, I principally see 2 varieties on the road these days: flimsy cables and low cost U-locks.

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You might additionally place a giant bow on that it.

So what’s the simplest bike lock for keeping your ride secure? I’m scripting this article to review a few of fine, sturdy bicycle locks, and to explain the way to most effectively use them. for every item, I’ll supply some professionals and cons, and hopefully assist you run some nice brands to appear into.

So let’s take a glance at what’s out there for 2018, shall we?


As bicycle locks go, the Fahgettaboudit, by Kryptonite, is one among the foremost unbreakable bike locks you’re about to come upon. It’s not the most cost effective one you’ll realize, however it’ll offer you peace of mind.

The whole lock is created from hardened steel that’ll simply pull away bolt cutters and hacksaws.

True story: I used to be once hired (legally) by an apartment building to filter a locker of previous bikes from former tenants who had enraptured on. With bolt cutters we have a tendency to made swift work of the cable locks, however there was one we couldn’t break through: the Fahgettaboudit. we were forced to admit defeat.

The lock itself may be a double bar style (the double shackles mean that although one finish is compromised, the thief would need to cut through the opposite one too), and it’s operated using a disc cylinder that’s terribly tough to select.

This lock is pretty serious at over four pounds, however it’s lined in an exceedingly vinyl coating that forestalls it from scratching up your bike. This coating lasts a protracted time too. the burden is unfortunate, however hardened steel is serious, and it’s worthwhile for the protection it adds.

A couple of notes: you will wish to present the lock cylinder a trifle little bit of grease if you regularly keep it within the rain. Also, this lock doesn’t escort frame mounting hardware.

Overall the Kryptonite Fahgeddaboudit reviews rather well. It’s one among the toughest and strongest bicycle U-locks around, and thus it’s on the highest of my list.


Sometimes a good strategy is to toss stuff at a outlaw that they aren’t use to seeing. during this case, the Abus Bordo is an interesting lock style that’s efficient for the user however also effective and light in weight.

The lock is truly the same as a series or cable, in this you have got some flexibility once lockup up. It consists of six metal bars which will fold resolute manufacture a heavy duty security chain like structure. every bar is riveted to successive, however as a result of they’re flat you’ll fold it up into a really small size.

It’s one of the best bike locks for each weight and portability. It comes in at only around a pair of.6 pounds, and once it’s folded-up it’s much more compact than even a U-lock would be.

In case you’re worried regarding your paint, the bars ar coated in a rubberized material that prevents it from scratching the hell out of your frame.

The lock cylinder is top quality and tough to select. The metal bars ar made up of hardened steel, and also the solely possible way to interrupt it might be using a grinder.

It comes with a frame bag and mounting bracket that prevent it from rattling around in annoying fashion while you ride.

I’ve solely got a couple of notes: it will need the lock itself to be turned once each unlocking and securing, that may be a little bit of a trouble compare to others that simply ‘click’ in situ. additionally, the rivets can loosen as you utilize it. according to Abus, that doesn’t affect the security of the device.

On the entire, this can be an incredible bicycle lock for a rider who needs an almost unbreakable system with movability and light-weight weight.

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