INTRODUCTION: You all probably know, what a ping pong table is, how people spend time with it, how it strengthens the relations and bonds of a family together etc. The main frame is that this all could be possible only if you have an interest in them and it is true to say that interest develops while being getting satisfy from something and human satisfaction relies on the best quality. Shortly, these all phenomenon have quite links together.Generally, ping pong tables are of two types which are indoor and outdoor tables. While having a great time with loved ones through a ping pong table demands a best ping pong table in quality and several other factors. So, in that case we are going to discuss about some of the best ping pong table reviews of both indoor and outdoor tables with their brief features:

  1. KILLR SPIN REVOLUTION: Killer spin revolution table is one of the best table available in the market and is ranked as the no.1 in the durability and several other features. This table is presumed as a high quality table which is of a tournament level. It is ranked highly as the best looking table in the market with respect to it’s design. It has a tremendous feature that it dismantles in few seconds no more hard work required in dismantling. It has a 22mm medium density and the table top is built of fiber board which clarifies that there are no chances of stains or dead spots. Weight of the table is around 500 pounds.
  1. CORNILLEAU 500M:Cornilleau 500M is a great high performance outdoor ping pong table basically built for family enjoyment. This is table is every type of weather proof on the other side the polyester material allows the setting of table adjustment from different angles, moves and positions. The table consists of 7mm resin laminated top and steel surface which supports the entire playing surface. Its resin laminate surface gives excellent bounce and it is very safe for the table to fold for storage. Total weight of the product is 201 pounds. Cornilleau 500M is easy available in all regions of the World.
  1. KIILERSPIN MyT7: Killerspin MyT7 is also called Blackstorm table tennis. This table just takes 15 minutes to assemble an only one second to fold, store and again setting up. It is made up of aluminium plastic of very high quality, tough weather proof, built in pockets that can store the balls up to eight in each side. The four main levellers will help to adjust the table’s top to set up it any place either its pool, grass or indoor. Total weight is 148 pounds. It’s a good table and averagely used in outdoors and indoors as it is safe to fold easy to handle and ready to play anywhere.
  1. HARVIL I: This table is quite versatile and is widely used in office, rooms and playing areas as it is of very reasonable price, mostly people refer this table because this table provides a medium level which is basically required by an individual. The table top is madeout of aluminium which is supported by power coated steel frame. Here it is advantage of locking wheels which gives temporary and portable set up of the table. This table is equipped with convenient storage. Its weight is 147.67 pounds.

The above four mentioned ping pong tables were the levelled as the top to middle level tables which are designed and structured according to demand of different individuals with respect to their need, usage, room size and several other factors.There are still a lot of fame of ping pong tables and are widely used today also as the manufacturers are trying to develop more and more interest in people by providing them more features as much as possible in a single ping pong table.

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