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Top 3 Social Media Campaigns in 2017?

Social Media Campaigns

Social Media and E-commerce Social media and e-commerce have been the perfect duo of 2017. Businesses have used social media campaigns to increase their online presence, advertise and fulfill customer service to their target audience. Selling has been initiated as content sharing. Facebook likes, Instagram likes, Twitter favorites, Pinterest likes …

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Why to Choose Fully Managed Linux Dedicated Servers?

Linux Dedicated Servers

There are myriad reasons for you to choose fully managed dedicated servers. If your organisation has resource intensive applications along with requirements of high traffic online presence and sensitive data then fully managed Linux dedicated servers are the solution for you. The clients get complete control over the server in …

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Understanding Android GC Logs

Android GC Logs

Memory utilization on the mobile app has a significant impact on the customer experience. If your app creates a lot of objects, then Android Run Time (ART) environment will trigger Garbage Collection (GC) frequently. Android Garbage Collection is an automatic process which removes unused objects from memory. However, frequent Garbage Collection …

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Take IOT Online Course To Improve Your IoT Skills

Internet of Things Training Course

Developing the IoT services and products is a daunting, so people seek for the best way to improve their skills on Internet of Things. Many ways are available to learn the IoT concepts, but the best training program make the learning simpler and simpler.  The quality training program covers the …

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Two Methods to Display Recent Posts From A Specific Category In WordPress


Are you looking forward to show recent posts from a desired category in WordPress? The default posts widget will display posts from all categories. So you have no option to filter these by category of your choice. Here, you will learn how to display recent posts from a desired category …

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Why should I use a Personal Finance App?

Managing one’s personal finances, amidst the hectic day-to-day chaos of life, can often get stressful. Except, of course, if you are a money wizard, keeping a track of spending patterns is quite challenging. Not planning your finances could lead to a lot of emotional stress and frustration. This will not …

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Jio 4G Voice App For Video Call

Jio 4G

As the reliance jio smart network has been launched, there are a lot of changes in the smartphone network and the users. Reliance jio is the one and only smartphone network developed the apps for the users. While all other networks own their apps for recharging their sim, the reliance jio …

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Essential Tips & Tricks for Online Shopping- Apple iPhone & iPad

Availing apple iPhone of brilliant features online is very convenient and secure than ever. Also, you can get the iPhone delivered at your doorstep, and no need of driving to the mall or combating the crowds to meet your requirements will be required anymore. So, if you desired to get …

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Teens Mobile Monitoring Tips for Parents

Mobile Monitoring Tips

Have you seen young kids and teens gazing on cell phone screen hours and hours? What really they are doing on the smartphones for such long time in a single day? Young kids and teens have become far more tech-savvy than their parents. They use cell phone device for many …

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