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Why to Choose Fully Managed Linux Dedicated Servers?

Linux Dedicated Servers

There are myriad reasons for you to choose fully managed dedicated servers. If your organisation has resource intensive applications along with requirements of high traffic online presence and sensitive data then fully managed Linux dedicated servers are the solution for you. The clients get complete control over the server in …

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Understanding Android GC Logs

Android GC Logs

Memory utilization on the mobile app has a significant impact on the customer experience. If your app creates a lot of objects, then Android Run Time (ART) environment will trigger Garbage Collection (GC) frequently. Android Garbage Collection is an automatic process which removes unused objects from memory. However, frequent Garbage Collection …

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Take IOT Online Course To Improve Your IoT Skills

Internet of Things Training Course

Developing the IoT services and products is a daunting, so people seek for the best way to improve their skills on Internet of Things. Many ways are available to learn the IoT concepts, but the best training program make the learning simpler and simpler.  The quality training program covers the …

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Two Methods to Display Recent Posts From A Specific Category In WordPress


Are you looking forward to show recent posts from a desired category in WordPress? The default posts widget will display posts from all categories. So you have no option to filter these by category of your choice. Here, you will learn how to display recent posts from a desired category …

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Walton Primo ZX3 Phone Full Features

Walton Primo ZX3

Walton Primo ZX3 – While the Walton Primo equipped with a six-inch display was, owns the Walton Primo ZX3 a 6.0 inches touchscreen with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels. The screen is slightly larger than that of the Apple iPad (9.7 inches). The device runs on “Android OS v7.0 Nougat …

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Site Optimization Vs Traffic Optimization; which is Better?

Site Optimization Vs Traffic Optimization

Only a couple of years ago, internet marketing strategies were focused on getting more and more traffic to your website. Why? Because more traffic meant more customers. For a time, this seemed to be true, but things seemed to have changed since competition has toughened up and user experience gained …

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus to be the best smartphone

The newest Samsung Galaxy S8+, the fashion and style smartphone, the new bet of Samsung to reign in the high range of this year. This smartphone has undoubtedly been on everyone’s lips in this first half of the year, either because of the numerous leaks before its presentation, because of …

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7 SEO Tips To Make Your Website Earn More Profit

If you are a business owner and having an online website then the primary thing that you want is to be placed on the top of the first page of the search result. Isn’t it? The small businesses that are not known in the online world are willing to have …

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