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A tour of the British buildings in Kanpur & Lucknow

Kanpur Memorial Church

Uttar Pradesh or the erstwhile Awadh played a crucial role in helping British strengthen their grip on India, and ironically, later led the fight of Indian independence struggle. Cities such as Lucknow, Kanpur, Allahabad, etc. stand testimony to the years of British rule. Several buildings including the churches, palaces, administrative …

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Online Tatkal Ticket Vs. Counter Tatkal Ticket – Take Your Pick

Online Tatkal Ticket Vs. Counter Tatkal Ticket

Standing in the queue for hours for getting a train ticket booked in a PRS system is long gone!!! Well, while you, me and many others who are reading this blog might have the same feeling, the truth is, there are hundreds of people who still depend on this traditional …

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5 Things to Look For While Hiring Function Room

The prior the better. When you have a decent comprehension of the accompanying things, you can begin your voyage: spending plan, assessed occasion size, and space prerequisites. But there are many other things that affect your decision to hire function room. For a well-organized event, you need to search venues …

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Top 5 Things to Do in Jaipur

Jaipur, famously known as the pink city is a symbol of the rich heritage of India. There is a mesmerizing colorful amalgamation of all the new and old attractions in this royal land of culture. Here you will witness tonnes of old traditional forts and palaces, along with new urban …

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Why You Should Visit Washington State Washington is one of the most iconic US states and also among the most visited places in the country. While there are several other amazing states in the US, there is none like Washington. From ranking among the highest in apple production to leading …

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Enjoy the Unforgettable Morocco Adventure Holidays

Morocco Adventure Holidays

Many people looking for that perfect mixture of sun, history, and culture be likely to look towards the Mediterranean or the Middle East, but there is one more option: Morocco. Morocco adventure holidays provide a brilliant blend of stunning landscape and charming culture, making it the perfect destination for adventure holidays. This …

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Must Carry These Items While Traveling – Must Read For Travelers

Carry These Items While Traveling

Mobile It’s the twenty-first century, and virtually everything is possible in the field of property. So, it’s likely to remain connected to the rest of world. I’d add, with an active web connection. It might be higher if you could have roaming facility. Say, for instance, you’re in Italia, and …

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Antigua & its amazing history


Amazingly situated in a vast highland valley with a serene backdrop, Antigua is commented as one of the most enchanting colonial cities of America. It once served as a stronghold of the Spanish empire and an administrative hub of Mexican Chiapas and Central America. The city has become Guatemala’s tourist …

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3 things you must do when leaving your business to go on holiday

Even the hardest working business owners need a break every now and again. The main holiday season may over in the U.K but now with schools back in full flow and the weather turning sour it is the perfect time for a small business owner to have a little getaway. …

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How to Pick Best International Honeymoon Package

Wedding and honeymoon destinations are almost always decided much before the actual wedding dates. Nowadays, both are kept same but often wedding destination is a family decision whereas a honeymoon destination is a couple’s decision. If they were going to be same or different is a matter of consensus, especially …

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