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Causes, Symptoms and Treatments of Tennis Elbow

Tennis ElbowTennis Elbow is a form of Tendonitis which is an irritation or inflammation of a thick cord that attaches the bone and elbow known as tendon. This causes swelling and pain in elbow and arm. Unlike the name tennis elbow, this is a common condition for those who indulge in gripping activities repetitively and especially for individuals who have to use their thumb and first two fingers vigorously. More commonly, it occurs in individuals who’ve crossed the age of 40. However, it is often noted in sports persons, especially cricket and tennis as these are 2 kinds of sports choices wherein the arm and the elbows are under much duress on a consistent basis.


People suffering from Tennis Elbow Treatment usually indulge in the following activities regularly:

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  • Weight Lifting
  • Playing tennis
  • Playing Racquetball
  • Playing Squash
  • Fencing
  • Painting
  • Typing
  • Carpentry
  • Knitting
  • Raking

Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

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The tennis elbow often includes tenderness and pain in the knob that connects the injured tendons. The pain may even spread to lower or upper arm. This is known to be one of the most painful conditions out there; so much so, that taking painkillers is a very common temporary remedy here, because of the gravity of the pain. More than most, lifting objects becomes an unbearable task and the lightest of things seem robust and heavy on the arms. The symptoms of tennis elbow are mostly found when you:

  • Make a fist
  • Shake your hand with someone
  • While Opening the door
  • Raise your hand
  • Straighten your wrist
  • Lift something

If you regularly suffer some pain whilst indulging in such activities, then the symptoms are definitely pointing towards tennis elbow. Do not wait to figure out what it is or let the pain elevate; visit a doctor as soon as possible. The earlier, the better! You can opt for Tennis elbow treatment surgery in Mumbai to get the best medical services possible.

Diagnosis of Tennis Elbow

PSTakecare will help you in booking Online Doctor appointment. The process is as seamless as it seems; you’ll have a variety of options at your disposal. During the meeting, the doctor may ask you to undergo some imaging tests like MRI and X-Ray. You will be asked to flex your elbow, wrist and arm in order to know the portion where it hurts the most.


It is better to start the treatment for tennis elbow right after you figure out the symptoms. Here’s what you should do:

  • If you are in the initial stage of tennis elbow, taking rest for some days may solve the problem but it is important to go to a doctor to heal the irritation of the tendon. This matter needs to be taken seriously before the pain becomes too unbearable for you to take care of your daily chores.
  • Use ice or cold packs when you start noticing the pain. Keep the packs for 15-20 minutes for several times a day.
  • Use warm pack also if needed.
  • Doctors often suggest usage of elbow straps, some medicines, motion exercises and steroid injections.
  • Even after taking all the necessary precautions, if the tennis elbow still doesn’t show any signs of healing, then you should consult your doctor and opt for surgery.

Due to the advent of medical technology and know-how, opting for Tennis Elbow Surgery Treatment in India is gaining popularity as the country is laden with top facilities and medical practitioners.

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