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Conceiving Using A Sperm Donor Can Be A Tough Decision For The Couple

Sperm Donor

A sperm donor is used by a couple when the husband or the partner does not have sperms or a poor semen analysis or if the male has any genetic factor that may affect the baby. There are single women too who opt for sperm donation in Vashi to conceive.

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It is important that the couple is prepared mentally when they use the sperm of a donor. Most of the doctors and the best IVF centre in Vashi may first ask you to visit a counsellor with whom you can discuss your fertility issues and the implications of using a donor sperm. It is important that both the partners are comfortable with the decision and that all the questions are discussed openly. The questions that the couple has may be related to many ethical and moral queries too like the selection of a donor and whether to be open to the child and tell the child later in life how he was conceived.

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Most of the clinics do not allow the couple to mix the sperm of the partner and the donor in the insemination process. Clinics are of the notion that if a couple asks for the same then they may not be mentally prepared for a donor insemination.

Couples can decide on which sperm bank to visit and which donor to take the sperm from. The race, ethnicity, physical characteristics, the career history, educational background and the health of the donor is in the records of the sperm bank. Many banks may also give a written profile about the donor.

All the donors should be tested for diseases like hepatitis B, syphilis, chlamydia, trichomonas, and cytomegalovirus. These organisms can be transmitted by the semen into the woman and some of these may affect the fetus. The semen of the donor should also be checked for white blood cells which may indicate an infection in the reproductive tract.

Most sperm banks do not accept a donor who or whose partner may have had a blood transfusion in the last year, have multiple sex partners, a history of genital herpes or a history of using IV drugs. Before the process begins the woman’s reproductive and medical history is taken and a blood type, rubella, and antibody test for CMV is done. If the woman is CMV- then a CMV- donor should be used.

The woman is inseminated in the process when she is close to ovulation. Many women look for an LH surge to monitor their ovulatory cycle which indicates that she will be ovulating soon. The insemination process is carried out 24 hours after a surge is noted in the urine test. Mostly one or two inseminations are done each cycle.

Many women get their partner with them especially when they get a donor insemination done for the first time. This makes them feel assured that the decision is mutual and a beginning for both of them to become parents.

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