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Critical fact about Emirates ID that you should know!

Emirates IDLike every other country, the UAE government dictates every individual residing in the state to possess a valid national ID card. The same goes for expats living and working in the region, Emirates ID in Abu Dhabi is a must have to move in and around the UAE.

Keeping updated with the registration procedures and other such requisite associated to the ID cards is equally important. The card must be carried at all times and in case of lost or theft, report to the authorities must be filed within seven days. With this, there’re important facts everyone must be aware of so let’s have a look.

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The federal laws

For Emirates ID in Abu Dhabi and across the UAE, the Federal Law as the possessors to accept the following guidelines;

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  • In any case, the ID card mustn’t be manipulated, erased or distorted with.
  • Card must be carried at all times and produced whenever asked by the authorities.
  • Strict obedience to the legal procedures and specific dates for replacement or renewal of the card.
  • Any change in personal details as mentioned on the card must be reported to the concerned department of Emirates ID within a month from modification date.
  • In case of lost, damaged or theft, report of replacement and fee payment must be done to the concerned authorities declaring immediate blocking of the card prior to being misused.
  • Emirates ID card mustn’t be submitted to any person or in any organisation unless declared by the court.
  • If found, submit the ID card to the nearest police station or service point.

All ID card bearers must abide by the above directions. Legal guardian or immediate replacement should take the responsibility of implementing and overseeing obedience to the regulations.

Prerequisites of obtaining the ID card

For Emirates ID in Abu Dhabi and across the UAE, legal nationals above the age of 15 years should meet the following criterions;

  • Valid and original copy of the passport.
  • Individual(s) working for a government entity is liable to submit work certificate from the employer. Whereas for those working in private sector, work contract or employment ID must be certified by the Labour Ministry and presented to the authorities whenever asked. In case it isn’t certified, work certificate alone wouldn’t be considered valid.
  • For individuals studying in the state, they must submit a valid study certificate from registered universities operating under the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. No certificates or documents are acceptable that are submitted from unregistered and unauthorised universities.
  • A certificate that confirms obtaining a valid corporate license in the country must be submitted.
  • The official seal and transcript from unified bodies of General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) must be visible on the passport.
  • A valid marriage contract of the UAE national must be provided (in case of marriage)


Acceptance and overall maintenance of the Emirates ID in Abu Dhabi and across the UAE takes place when all above criterions are met so make sure you abide by the regulations.

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