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How To Look Sober In Formal & Casual Clothing


Choosing the right outfit in the office is an important aspect that is going to complement our way of dealing with customers, partners and collaborators. It is our business card, what we show of us even before we put our skills and competences into play.

Conforming to the dictates of the look in the working environment is quite simple if one starts from assuming that the first rule is, as always, common sense .

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Every work situation has its own characteristics and every work environment can be set for the choice of the same company on a more formal rather than dynamic and original aspect.

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Every office must be valued in its context: clothing that distinguishes bank employees will never be the same as we can find, for example, in a creative agency.

Some general dictates, however, are there and it is good to keep them always in mind to maintain a certain professional look and to convey seriousness and reliability .

A sober and formal outfit with custom tailored shirt, is always well seen in business, so they are suitable for neutral colors such as gray, black, brown, blue, beige and jackets and classic trousers . The degree of elegance (for example, the tie for men) is to be assessed according to the specific context.

A casual outfit is more suitable in young and dynamic companies but comfort and style should never leave the gourmet.

Errors to avoid

Absolutely to avoid anything that is too flashy, it is better not to exaggerate. For women, avoid overly visible tricks, pinch heels, too short skirts, and daring neckties. The men in the office should instead avoid sandals, shorts and vests fully sbraccia. Soberness and order are a must-have for office clothes, for men and women.Great importance must also be given to personal hygiene that must never be neglected and is the basis for sharing common office spaces and a good presentation.

The outfit you wear should represent your personality and speak up the statement that describes you well. Most of the times, it is your outfit that makes the first impression on the people you just met.

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