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Different types of services offered by staffing agencies

When it comes about finding a suitable job then staffing agencies play a vital role. Most of the companies outsource recruitment firms to take care of their recruitment things like interviewing, submitting resumes, reference checking, background checking, shortlisting and much more. While on other hand, nowadays a large number of job seekers often head directly to local staffing agency when they are in search of a new job. A candidate knows that such agencies will do their best and put in high efforts to make most effective job available to you. For this, they will do each and every possible thing as well as keep necessary parameters in mind.

Main services offered by recruiting agencies

Posting jobs online – The main reason because of which demand of recruiting agency is increasing day by day is service of online job posting. These days, most of the agencies are taking help of internet system which help them in finding best candidate matching with the company’s profile and even make scheduling of interviews much easy and real time. There are so many companies which are taking help of recruitment firm due to this. Online job posting helps in filling job more easily and in less time.

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Temporary employment – The next service which is offered by recruitment or staffing agency is temporary employment services. Most of the companies seek employee on temporary basis, thus any staffing agency also hold specialization in this work. This arrangement help company in getting trained and skilled employees during peak periods, vacations of regular employee, staffing shortages, long term commitment, meeting office expenses and much more.

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Contract employment services – This is one of the most vital services offered by a staffing agency. Not every recruitment firm can offer contract employment service as it involves lot of risk. That’s why; it is advisable to hire such firm who hold expertise in this work. Contract employment usually means long term job and number of things are included in this. Some of the main aspects of contract employment are value added services, workers compensation, recruiting expenses, payroll and other benefits, payroll taxes, value added staffing services, testing, on-boarding and much more.

Recruitment program – Another great service offered by most of the staffing agencies Oklahoma is recruitment program. A staffing firm is not only specialized in providing scalable and innovative staffing solutions but can resource outsourcing to companies. Their main aim is to provide their clients with best solution as well as standard contingency and also to retain agency fees by properly utilizing it. So, to provide with better benefits staffing agencies run number of recruiting programs for long and short time period with high flexibility.

Screening of candidate – A recruiting agency provide any candidate after proper screening. So, this is another kind of service offered by staffing agencies. In this, pre screening process and generating resumes like services are included. Most importantly, any recruiting service provider work with their experiences and professionalized research team that help in choosing best candidate upon suitability and screening criteria.

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