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Disadvantages of Owning a Vacuum Cleaner

Where a vacuum cleaner can help you to clean your home properly without spreading dust, there are the cases when owning a vacuum cleaner becomes much tedious. So these difficult situations become a disadvantage of owning a vacuum cleaner. Some of these disadvantages are described below:

  • Inefficient Electricity and Power consumption

Having a vacuum cleaner proves to be expensive when it comes to the power and electricity consumption. Even having a regular vacuum cleaner can add much more to your electricity bill. An average vacuum cleaner that is used for regular use in the home or small office may consume 500 to 3000 Watts that can easily make your budget out. Average vacuum cleaner consumes nearly 1400 Watts energy when operated for 10 minutes. However, energy consumption highly depends on the brand you are using.

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  • Heavy to Lift up/ Portability Issues

Vacuum cleaners are often heavy to lift. It means that it can make you tired easily. An average vacuum cleaner may weigh around 25 pounds which is approximately 13kgs. With an upright vacuum cleaner, it is nearly impossible to move up and down on the stairs which makes it less portable.

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  • Vacuum cleaners are not all-rounders every time

Each type of vacuum cleaner is designed to work in specific cleaning environment. For example, an upright vacuum cleaner cannot clean the corners of your room. Therefore, one vacuum cleaner cannot clean all the environments. Moreover, the robotic vacuum cleaner cannot clean some surfaces like hardwood that better as the traditional vacuum cleaner. In the same way, Canister vacuum cleaner cannot perform well on the carpet. Moreover, it can cause back discomfort as well.

  • Storage Issues

The storage issue is another disadvantage of a vacuum cleaner. Some vacuum cleaners require much storage space due to their designs. An average vacuum cleaner is approximately about 3 cubic feet. Though a solution is that vacuum can be disassembled to fit into small place.

  • Health Issues

Using vacuum cleaner can cause many health issues and problems including back pain and respiratory problems as well. Long-term use of vacuum cleaner causes back pain issues. Changing the bag of vacuum cleaner results in unintentional inhalation of dust.

  • Assembling issues

Vacuum cleaners can be assembled and disassembled in order to save the storage space. Assembling a vacuum cleaner requires some expertise and also consumes much of your time.

  • Battery Issues for cordless vacuum cleaners

Cordless vacuum cleaners operate on battery. As we know that a vacuum cleaner consumes a lot of power, therefore, vacuum cleaners those are operating on batteries often get failed. Battery drains so faster and also requires time to charge the vacuum cleaner.

  • Performance Issues

Performance is another issue because all types of vacuum cleaners cannot perform same. Some vacuum cleaners cannot perform well on carpeted surfaces. Moreover, cordless vacuum cleaners are not powerful as they operate on battery and does not provide the steady stream of power as well. These cordless vacuum cleaners cannot clean well when you are in a hurry and battery takes a lot of time to get charged.

These are the disadvantages of having a vacuum cleaner in your home. It will an Ely cost you very much and will also boost up your electricity bill.

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