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Download Imo for PC App for Video calling

Download Imo for PC App

In the ancient times or the 7-8 years ago there was no way to talk to the person without investing money and seeing them in front of us even they are far away from us or miles away from us but as the technology advanced many apps and technologies came by which we can talk to our loved ones no matter where they are just we need an internet connection, hence let us talk about this in detail this post is about the imo app we use I our mobiles  to talk to our friends and family members but many of the times we want to use the app on the laptop as it has wider screen display.So, let us know what is imo app as this app allows us to talk to our friends or family members or anyone if we have his or her contact number if we have his contact number we just need to install the app on our phone and just talk to them on video, audio or text so let us see how to Download imo for pc.

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App overview:

App nameImo app
TypeInstant messaging and video calling app
number of downloads100 Million
Size6.31 MB
Operating SystemAndroid, iOS, and PC
Offered byimo.im

Features of the imo app for PC

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1-    You will not require any of the emulators to use on the PC.

2-    Huge variety of Stickers.

3-    Free calling around the world.

4-    Encrypt your calls and chats.

5-    Share your pics and videos by this app.

6-    Text or instant messaging app.

7-    Interface is same as of the imo for Android or iOS.

8-    Invite your friends by this app instantly.

9-    Widescreen chatting on the PC.

How to download and install imo for PC

1-    Firstly open your Google play store on your smartphone.

2-    Now install the imo app on your phone.

3-    Register the app and get the account by just entering your contact number.

4-    Now Search for Imo for PC on your desktops or laptops.

5-    Open the official website of imo app and download the app for the windows.

6-    As you click on download for windows the download starts and wait for the download to complete and install the imo that has been downloaded.

7-    A shortcut is formed in the startup now open the imo app on your PC.

8-    The app will ask for the mobile number enter the same number you entered in the mobile to create the account.

9-    A verification code comes to your smartphone’s imo app now enter this verification code and verify your account of imo pc.

10-   And now enjoy your services that you get on the mobile now on the PC.

So enjoy using this app on your PC now you will get to talk to your loved ones on the bigger screen and you will love to talk to them, hope so this post might have helped you a lot. Share this post with your friends and get to know about this and spread knowledge with love, follow us to get the latest updates of the post we upload in future.

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