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EdApp – The Ultimate Learning Experience

If you are looking for a way to train on the go, or to provide your students/employees with a unique learning experience, EdApp is your best choice. Mobile learning has already established itself as one of the most efficient learning strategies, but this app enriches the mobile experience with modern learning tools that maximize both learning and retention. Not only that but it is also very easy to use by teachers and trainers that want to create their own unique courses, without having to learn any coding tricks. Keep on reading to discover how this app can improve your learning/teaching process.

Features and benefits

EdApp is learner centric, meaning that each feature is meant as a benefit that serves the learner directly.

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Accessibility – The Ed apps are available on both Android and Apple operating systems, and they are compatible with most mobile devices. Courses can be access from anywhere in the world, at any given time, as long as there is an internet connection and a web browser.

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Flexibility – All people are special and have unique learning needs and different learning curves. The Ed App allows each learner to study in their own rhythm and to find the specific data that interests them at any given time. The lessons can be completed when it best suits the learners, whether that happens between meetings, while commuting to work or during a coffee break. Moreover, the app features push notifications that help the users stay on track of their courses with minimum effort.


Modern learning tools – If you take a look at the EdApp.com website, you will see that the app is based on 4 modern learning tools. Micro-learning is the core tool and the main reason why the app is so engaging and easy to use. By structuring courses in bite-sized lessons, users can retain information faster and easier. The app also uses active learning and spaced repetition in order to help users consolidate the knowledge that they acquire with each lesson. Last but not least, the app uses gamification, a learning strategy that employs game-like elements, like challenges and rewards, to motivate and engage the learners. All these modern learning tools can put a fun spin even on the most boring facts and figures.


Intuitive authoring

Whether you are a teacher looking to create a blended learning experience, or a business that is looking for an efficient and cost-effective training solution, EdApp can help you create the best learning experience. The app’s authoring tool is very easy to use. You start by browsing a large library of interactive and immersive templates. Once you choose your favorite template, all you have to do is populate it with content and share it with your learners.

If you have created several courses, the intuitive dashboard allows you to easily find any course that you need. Moreover, you can easily share your courses by using the invite feature, and you can make certain courses accessible only to certain user groups. You can make your courses more engaging by embedding Vimeo and YouTube videos and you can import slides from different lessons to reinforce certain topics or create review lessons.


Easy integration

Most teachers and businesses already use a learning management system. Switching to a new system usually means that you have to start from scratch. However, this is not the case with EdApp, as you can easily integrate its features into your existing LMS. The app uses a powerful API which allows you to create a unique mobile learning experience. All the user data and the analytics can be sent to your existing LMS so that you can process them according to your needs. After all, monitoring student learning analytics is essential in order to improve and personalize the learning experience.

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