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Facial Care Tips – Ultimate Guide

facialIf you no longer remember the ‘crazy’ 20 and you have crossed the 30’s barrier, you will have noticed that the signs of the passage of time have begun to have the effect on your face. It is from this new decade when cosmetics and some facial kits become a great ally to delay the appearance of wrinkles and to give you an extra treat to keep you looking radiant. That is why, because our skin begins to experience certain changes that need to be attentive, we give you some facial care tips to be perfect. Take note!

7 facial care tips for beautiful skin: 

We come with 7 facial care tips. Take a look them and give a feedback to us.

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1) Get on with a beauty routine:

In the morning and at night, give yourself time, pamper yourself and repair your skin from the damages caused throughout the day. With 10 minutes it will be worth for you to take effect the products you use.

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2) Cleaning before and after:

Washing the face, besides being a pleasure, gives us the feeling that the skin breathes. It is the first gesture to take into account for the care of it. To do this, we must select a cleansing milk as a first step, followed by a frothy gel, and finally, after clarifying these two steps, apply the moisturizing lotion. In this way, we will eliminate all impurities so that when we apply the products the skin is receptive, with nothing to block its maximum absorption. This is called ‘triple cleaning’.And if possible try to use steam on your face.

Note That: For producing steam formal and conventional method takes a lot of  It is better to use a facial steamer for that.Please read some facial steamers reviews and carefully select yours.

3) Day, night:

Differentiating between day and night cream is very important since each product is adapted to one moment of the day and has different effects. The first protects from pollution and external agents, while the second is characterized by being more regenerating and helps this action on the skin because it is at night when the greatest regeneration occurs.

4) To each skin, your care:

A golden rule when buying cosmetics. It is better but not effective for your skin type to use many products with few results. If you are one of those that use few cosmetics, your basic ones will be triple cleaning, facial steaming, eye contour, cream (can be the same for day and night). If on the other hand, you like to invest time and money in preserving your youth, your basics can be triple cleansing, serum, steaming, eye contour, day cream, night cream and exfoliating.

Now that the nude effect is so fashionable, although we must always keep in mind that the skin is more protected when it is made up. Therefore, choosing a foundation of fluid makeup or a BB cream daily would be the right thing, as they are much lighter.

5) A healthy and balanced diet and rest:

Our routine and meals also affect the skin, especially when neglected. Water, fruits or vegetables are a perfect source to hydrate and provide the components you need to have a much more cared skin.

With maternity and working days it is difficult to fall asleep or even sleep more than 8 hours. Defend your hours of rest if you want to avoid that the passage of the years is noticed in your face.

6) Watch out for the sun:

Seeing brunettes produces a sense of beauty, but you have to be careful. There are many makeups that besides color, protect from the sun and are the perfect ally for any time of year. Using them can be a good way to do a 2 in 1 with your daily makeup.

7) Cosmetics without parabens:

Take advantage of the fact that now you can find biotechnology cosmetics (the best of nature and the best of science to find its efficacy), as more and more beauty firms are betting on product lines without parabens or silicones, which tend to cover the pores and end up being harmful. Use them and you will see, little by little, your skin improves visibly.

Final verdict:

We are done with our facial care tips for now. Please take a look and tell us in the comment section about this post and like and share if you find this useful.

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