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Finding the Best Broadband Plan

Best Broadband

Looking around for a high quality internet connection? Choices are numerous, but which of them is the best? We’ll break all the options by identifying the kind of customer that you are, and then suggesting the best broadband type for your needs.

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You have a phobia with commitment

We have come across many consumers who don’t want to be tied down to any long term contract.  This is probably because most people live in a rented accommodation, and will likely move to another locality, so they just don’t like the idea of signing up for a long term contract when they don’t even know the service quality.

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There are numerous contract free broadband plans out there, for which you have to pay a fixed monthly rate. So, you should be able to find one without much difficulty. But, there is a catch. You should have hardware or buy it at the full cost from your provider. This may increase your expenses, but yeah, you aren’t in a contract anymore. Weigh both options and then come to a decision.

You want the lowest rates possible

Okay, so you are really conscious about rates, and are looking for the most affordable plans that you can get. Start by comparing broadband bundled services through various websites such as Compare TV. A number of options are listed on their websites along with distinguishing features, and you would then be able to figure out the best plan for you.

We suggest that you should go with a fixed NBN 12 or ADSL2+ connections. The former of these offers a speed around 12 Mbps and the latter between 10 and 24 Mbps, depending on your chosen package. You would require a compatible modem, but the costs are usually included in the overall rates. Go with a model that has a built-in Wi-Fi router so that you can access the connection from anywhere in your home.

Generally, plans start at $40 per month, but the plan becomes cheaper if you increase speed or volume. Services are consistent and bundled offers are available to help you reduce the rates even further.

Sounds all good? You should have a phone line connection, and if you don’t, you can add about $30 to the monthly costs. Yes, it might not be so affordable then.

You crave speed

Want a high speed internet connection? If your area offers NBN, go for it. You can enjoy speed up to 100 Mbps, but it does vary with specific plans. You would need an NBN modem and other hardware which your provider will set up for you.

NBN plans are the fastest choice, but like we said, they aren’t available in every area.

You want to use internet on your mobile only

Do you only have your mobile phone and no fixed phone line? Then go with a Naked DSL connection so that you don’t have to pay for a phone line that you would only be using for the internet. A Naked DSL is the same as ADSL2+, except that you don’t require any phone connections. The offered speed is around 24 Mbps.

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