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How To Deal With Allergens and Dust Mites

Allergens and dust mites that may be located inside the apartment can be traced back to mites, pollen and animal foragers. Therefore, the most appropriate measures I recommend to make interior spaces as free as possible from allergenic material are as follows:

  • Keep the rooms in the house dry, free from moisture and well ventilated, checking that no mold spots are formed on the walls or corners of the rooms.
  • Avoid Wallpaper Walls (Tapestries), Carpets and Window Tents, as well as any other fabric furnishing material that is a possible source of dust storage. If you want to furnish window spaces better use nylon roller shutter or more easily washable plastic material.
  • Prefer floors of marble, wood or linoleum, avoiding completely the use of moquettes. If non-removable carpets are present (for example, in the case of a rented apartment), take frequent use of acne-based spray (see below).
  • Quickly move floors once a day with a damp cloth using an electrostatic cloth or slightly dampened for dust removal on furniture and furnishings.
  • Clean at least once a month the house floors with anti-spraying spray (acaricidal spray) kept in the room for at least one hour, adequately ventilating the environment before you stay. At the end of this operation, it is essential to drain the reconditioned environment thoroughly, taking care to use a vacuum cleaner equipped with an anti-corrosive bag that needs to be changed frequently. Treatment with the so-called “100 degrees” can be useful, better if used after the treatment of environments with the spray acaricide.There are other ways of dust control using  fog cannons as well when it comes to control the dust from the outside.
  • Avoid integrated coil heating in the floor as this device tends to lift allergens present on its surface and release them into the air.
  • Avoid upholstered sofas and armchairs with wool or natural derivatives (horsehair, straw, etc.), especially in the small bedroom (but not limited to) of the small asthmatic patients, preferring chairs made of plastic or wood or sofas and upholstered armchairs with synthetic leather covered leather natural or synthetic leather.
  • Prefer wardrobes with feet that keep the mobile lifted from the ground. This will limit the collection of allergenic, then hardly removable, material below these surfaces.
  • Put clothes in closed closets, even better if locked in plastic liners, avoiding outdoors, exposed to dust, for long periods of time.
  • Wash garments at temperatures above 60 °, as this will kill mites and eliminate allergens.
  • Avoid any wool, mattress, or any other alternative material to the hypoallergenic mattresses and pillows, as inadequate lettering effects represent an important source of mites. If you do not want to replace pillows and mattresses, cover them with suitable anti-corrosive covers.
  • Avoid shaking sheets, carpets and any other source of dust in the presence of the asthmatic patient, especially if it is an allergic to mites.
  • Do not re-make beds in the presence of a mites with allergy.
  • Avoid introducing animals into the bedroom and children’s room, trying to keep the smallest animals as far away as possible from the bed even during the day.

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