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Get Her the Style that Best Suits Her — Diamond Ring Education

diamondIn order for you to select the best ring, there are three important aspects that you must consider: the style of the ring, the metal, and the size of the ring. Most of your attention is likely to be directed toward picking the most suitable style because there are numerous options from which you can choose.

What’s her style?

Compared to buying a ring from a physical jewelry store, shopping for one on an online jewelry store has added benefits because you are likely to have a wider variety of styles to select from. But that’s only if you’re shopping at the right online jewelry store. Give preference to well-established online stores that offer numerous options to customers.

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The most effective way of choosing the right ring is taking into account her personality and lifestyle. Together with your budget, her daily activities and personal style are the top considerations that should inform your decision of a ring setting. Here are four recommendations for matching ring settings and personality types.

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Traditional & elegant

Traditional solitaire ring settings are ageless as they put the spotlight on the center diamond. A solitaire refers to a ring that has a single diamond. Of all the settings for engagement rings, the solitaire is the most common. A plain metal band is a classic feature of most traditional solitaires.

If you’ve had the right diamond ring education, you know that a basket or trellis setting gives an impression of the center diamond being set low in a way that affords it a more refined look. To add a glamorous quality, add to the metal band peekaboo diamonds or a row of diamond accents. Another popular alternative to the classic solitaire is a three-stone engagement ring.

Outgoing & Stylish

Treat her to something glamorous by going for a setting that elevates the diamond; or you can choose a band that features diamonds that are pave-set. Also favored by many shoppers are halo engagement settings in which a circle of diamonds is added around one in the center in order to bring out the center diamond’s sparkle.

Nature & outdoor enthusiast

Is your significant other an outdoor enthusiast who is in love with nature? If so, then consider getting her a ring setting with a design that incorporates organic elements such as flowers, vines or leaves. If she is active throughout the day, you might want to go for a ring setting that holds the diamond low. Thin metal band settings or bezel settings that encapsulate the diamond are a great feature for ensuring that the diamond is protected.

Contemporary & modern

It might be the case that your significant other favors contemporary styles that are fashion-forward. Consider sculptural rings that tend to experiment with non-traditional designs. You might want to consider the bezel setting, which features a thin metal band that wraps all the way around the girdle of the diamond.

In case she wants nothing to do with classical settings in which the diamond is at the center, go for a wide-band ring that features beautiful detailing. Gemstone or diamond accents can be used to add sparkle to the setting.

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