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Go Global With Virtual Phone Number

Virtual phone numbers are revolutionizing communication industry in the corporate arena, and it is undoubtedly one of the best tools for your business in this hyper-competitive era! If you need to simplify your communication needs, it’s the time you invest in a virtual phone number. It is the best way to extend your global accessibility, uphold a professional image, and make your business communicable at all possible times. You don’t need to invest massive amounts in a traditional phone system; just get started with a virtual phone system and watch your bottom-line results magnify exponentially.

What is a Virtual Phone Number?

Virtual numbers make use of a groundbreaking technology called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) which facilitates calling through internet connection rather than the traditional phone lines. Your virtual phone number is stored in the cloud and can be accessed through any internet-enabled device. Calls can be made through multiple devices – laptops, tablets, smartphones and personal computers that have a functional internet. This means that wherever in the globe you are, you are able to receive your calls are remain connected. The sleek, sophisticated and user-friendly interface of virtual phone systems has made themselves a popular choice for businesses worldwide, especially for companies that operate on a global level.

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Advantages of Virtual Phone Numbers:

There is a buzzing hype about virtual phone numbers and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) regarded as the future of communication technology. Business leaders, marketers, researchers, and academicians are constantly raving about the dramatic positive difference a virtual phone system can bring to the modern workplace. So, let us have a look at some of the valuable features of virtual phone systems that can help your organization grow by leaps and bounds:

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  • On-The-Move Productivity: A virtual phone number makes sure that you don’t need to remain glued to your work desk; you can be in touch with your team members and clients while you are traveling or away from the formal workplace. All calls are forwarded to your number and voicemails are saved in your mailbox, making sure that you do not miss receiving important information that may disrupt your work. A virtual phone number gives you immense flexibility and is the best way to keep your work performance level high despite job commitments that keep you on the move.
  • Huge Cost Savings: A virtual phone number is a great corporate asset, ensuring that you save on two precious commodities – time and money! There are no expensive hardware or software requirements; all you require is a one-time investment in a virtual phone number, and your business remains connected all year round. One great advantage of having a virtual number is that it is completely compatible with your or other employees’ personal mobile phones, thus eliminating the need for expensive business telephone systems. So, gain the power of colossal cost savings by getting an affordable virtual phone system for your company.
  • Redirect Call Option: Virtual phone numbers provide seamless and instant call transfers, ensuring that your business communication remains smooth. Call screening is a very useful option, which empowers the user to either answer a call immediately or redirects it to voicemail. This facility allows you to deal with essential communication and gives you the power to review unimportant calls later in the day. The ‘Find Me’ option is an advantageous feature that routes calls to your mobile, work phone, residence number or any alternative number to ensure that you do not miss out on important calls. Virtual phone systems have a diverse range of call facilities which can be customized to your preference to optimize on business communication.
  • Professional Business Image: Build your brand name and maintain a professional outlook by utilizing the services of a virtual phone number. You can pre-record a personal company greeting or even use a voice studio to curate a formal introduction for clients. A virtual auto-attendant may give clients the option to search a company-wide directory or transfer them to the desired extension number. This ensures that client calls will be received at any hour, so as to capitalize on business requirements. A virtual phone number amplifies your corporate image by making your company appear to be stable, permanent and reliable. Inspire confidence in your business partners, suppliers and stakeholders by accruing the immense benefits of a virtual phone number.
  • Extends Accessibility Base: In today’s digital workplace, employees are not constricted within the four walls of the organization. Outstation client meetings, work conferences and remote workers who are geographically scattered require a virtual phone number that keeps them accessible all the time. A virtual phone system enables you to answer, review, redirect and forward calls at your convenience so that you do not miss out on important business communication due to non-availability. So don’t worry about being away from your workstation, make sure that you have a virtual number that keeps you accessible by the click of a button!
  • Voicemail to Email Facility: The cutting-edge technology of Voice over Internet protocol makes sure that you don’t have any time lag in receiving voice messages and instantly sends voicemail messages and faxes, as attachments to your mail inbox. This is very helpful as it quickens your response time, and ensures you don’t miss out on vital communication activity. Once your voicemail messages reach a designated email address, they can be easily accessed through any device with an internet connection. Instant notifications are sent out regarding any new voicemail messages, keeping you up-to-date with business messages and their follow-ups. So streamline your internal communication flawlessly by getting a virtual phone number to transform your success story.

Bottom Line:

Small, medium or big – all types of companies have realized that leveraging the benefits of a virtual phone number is the best thing they can do for your business results! They are the greatest way to optimize business communication and gain a competitive advantage in a dynamic business space. Make sure that you are productive, accessible, efficient and in communication-on-the-go, invest in a virtual phone number to fast track your organization onto the path of success.

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