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Guide to Setting Up Your Own Themed Restaurant – Insights You Can Use!

Themed Restaurant

The art of cuisine is about not just good food but providing a perfect unique experience for your customers as well. The best way to do it is to work on your theme. Restaurant businesses often fail to see beyond the wine and dine routine. There is more to it though than just good food. People come here for the experience and the ambiance as well.

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All you need to know about the type of restaurants

There are different kinds of restaurants. This is why you need to do your research about them before deciding on what theme you will base your restaurant.

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Firstly, there are the fast and casual ones which are of a little higher class than regular fast food.  They still provide food on dishes that are for use and throw, but the presentation is a bit of higher standard. There are tons of open kitchens where you can see the food being made in front of you as well.

Then there are the traditional family restaurants. Their price is a bit higher, and they provide ambiance for a family dining out. These are more casually styled, and they provide service with tables.

Then there are the fine dining restaurants which are expensive and look classy as well. They have everything top notch from the tables to the uniform of the waiters. The fascinating thing about fine dining restaurants is that each one of them is unique in their way; even if they have the same owners.

Then there are the Cafés or Bistros which do not provide table services, and you need to go to the counter and order and then serve yourself. These places mainly offer coffee and confectionaries like pastries and sandwiches. Another small restaurant version is the fast food stalls. They are very cheap and offer no tables services, and you have to buy and eat on the go. However, it is their easy availability and lower price range that makes them so attractive.

Buffets and Pop-ups: Old vs new

The concept of buffet dining has been around forever, and many restaurants still continue to provide this type of service. Buffet defines a meal which a customer provides for himself by picking their choices from a variety of dishes available in front of them. The food is presented before the order, and you only get to pick from what is already available. For a newly opened restaurant, the concept of buffet might work wonders as there are no hidden costs and for a single payment customers will get to eat as much as they like. This is a nice way to show appreciation to your customers for special events.

Pop-ups are relatively new types of restaurants, and they can appear in the most unusual of places. Even though they may seem like food trucks, they can be arranged anywhere from old warehouses to garages. Moreover, it takes little investment to bring the place together. For more ideas and to find different types of restaurants in your city click here.


You can also base your restaurant on quirky themes and make them appeal to the younger crowd. For example, if you plan to make a restaurant on pirates, then you can make the interior look like a ship’s cabin and make the waiters dress as pirates. This will surely lighten up everyone’s mood. With a little creativity, the options are limitless.

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