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How is SMIPA Professional Year Program Helpful in Making a Good Career?

SMIPAAccounting is considered among the most important and respected careers in today’s business world. Accountants are liable for keeping records of transactions and take measures to bring monetary stability and profit of organizations. A professional accountant will see imminent issues and take necessary measures to stop them. Hence, versatile accountants are essential for organizations seeking profit and avoid bankruptcy owing to wrong business policies.

Accountants are very necessary for an organization to handle business deals and generate profits. Regrettably, Australia is facing a deficiency of competent accountants in accordance with demands of the market. This is often seriously affecting businesses in dealings and decrementing their profits.

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In Australian business industry also, accountants are in much need. But there is a shortage of such accountants who are fit for a demanding job. To cater this need, the Australian government with the help of Department of Education and Training and with the approval of Department of Immigration and Border Protection introduced professional learning courses by the name of Professional Year Program in various streams. These were released with the aim of training international students in Australia for better employment opportunities and solve the problem of shortage of skilled accountants in companies.

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The Professional Year Program is a 44 week training program including an internship of 12 weeks. It is available in four streams mainly – engineering, accounting, IT and NAATI course for language translators. The accounting professional year program is called SMIPA. We will now take a look at this program’s details and benefits.

What is SMIPA?

SMIPA or Skilled Migration Internship Program: Accounting is another name for Professional Year Program in Accounting. It was designed by the collaborative efforts of CPA (Certified Practising Accountants) Australia, Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and the Institute of Public Accountants.

Benefits of joining SMIPA

There are many benefits of joining SMIPA Professional Year course. Some of which are:

  • Learn about employment market and networking with other businesses
  • Receive knowledge and skills necessary for working as an accountant in the industry
  • Industry relevant work experience
  • Learn official communication, Australian work culture and teamwork
  • Expand your employment opportunities
  • Learn how to handle clients
  • Develop interpersonal skills, interviewing skills and overall personality
  • Gain 5 additional points towards permanent residency in Australia

Because of the advantages mentioned above, SMIPA is a popular and beneficial choice for international students in Australia who are graduates in accounting. By taking this course you get to learn a great deal about professional accounting and the work culture of Australia. After completing this course your chances of getting employed increase many times and it is possible for you to get a good job in accounting profile which might not have been possible for you without it. It is known that the first job is very important in deciding career. Your first job which is magnificent and well paid can shape your career in the years to come.

To know more about SMIPA Professional Year, you should contact experienced education consultants at Professional Year Program.

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