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How to Handle Car EMIs – Freedom with ZAP

Car EMIs

Those auto loans can be quite a dampener on your car buying ambitions. Planning to pick up a new ride is always an exciting affair as you browse through the ever-expanding spectrum of models and car segments – however, the EMIs have a sobering effect on this initial euphoria. The Zoomcar Associate Program or ZAP is a financing method that is based on shared economy principles, where you can own your dream car and reduce your costs by being part of Zoomcar’s nationwide success story.As a ZAPster, you can list your new car on the Zoomcar platform, whenever you are not using it. The extra income that you earn will go a long way into paying those EMIs, in fact many people get back more than just EMIs – you can earn up to 20,000 INR a month. Basically, instead of having the car parked idly in the lot while its value depreciates every second, you can make it earn back the acquisition costs and more.

This is great news to help you tick “buy new car” off your life accomplishment list, but it only gets better. India’s most modern rental has a good relationship with India’s top manufacturers so you can buy a car with Zoomcar’s help and get special prices. You will also have access to a nationwide network of finance providers to get the best EMI scheme for yourself.

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To enlist as a ZAPster you need to cover a few bases. Your car needs to be registered as a commercial vehicle with Zoomcar. This is for compliance and protects you from any liabilities when the car is listed. The car also needs to be installed with Cadabra, Zoomcar’s cutting-edge car monitoring software. Alerts regarding car health on your phone will help you enable preventive maintenance and save a lot for yourself. Listing is done via the app and you do not need to interact with the customers. You can track your car’s location at all times.

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There is no strict timing regarding when you can list your car – it all depends on your schedule. As a ZAPster you can realise your dream of car-ownership and enjoy all the freedom and privileges that come along with it. And you can have all this without financial compromises by getting your car to earn back its own costs.

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