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How to Keep a Long Distance Relationship Strong

Long Distance Relationship StrongKeeping any relationship strong is quite a challenge at times, but for those in a long distance relationship it can be even more difficult. When you only see one another on occasion because of the distance between you, it can become really difficult to keep things going. However, it is important to put effort and time into a long distance relationship and come up with ways of keeping it strong and keeping the spark there.

There are various ways in which you can keep your relationship going if you live a long distance apart. While you might not see one another everyday this doesn’t mean that you cannot keep the spark alive. You can communicate in all sorts of ways these days, and you know what they say about absence making the heart grow stronger!

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Some tips on keeping the spark alive

If you want to keep the spark alive in your long distance relationship, there are a number of points to bear in mind. These can help to keep the relationship strong and keep both partners happy and fulfilled. Some of these tips include:

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  • Don’t become possessive: When you never know where your partner is or what they are doing, it can be all too easy to become possessive. Some couples are contacting one another numerous times each day, which can become tiresome and almost like a chore. Therefore, avoid too much communication.
  • Have online chats: Although you shouldn’t communicate constantly, when you do get in touch with one another you can use online chats such as WhatsApp to speak to one another. This way you get to see one another as well, so it will be far more intimate than just a call or a typed message. Doing this two or three times a week will enable you to catch up with one another while also allowing you to see one another even if it is only online.
  • Plan romantic escapes: When you do get to see one another, don’t make it boring and bland. You need to pack all of the romance and excitement into a short period of time so make it count. You could plan a wonderful romantic getaway even if it is somewhere not too far from you. You can even spice things up by investing in some sexy lingerie for the bedroom – you’ll find some great Holiday deals at Ann Summers and some wonderful lingerie to choose from.
  • Make the experience count: Living apart and seeing one another only on occasion may not seem ideal. However, you can make it work in your favour. This is a great chance to test your strength and trust in one another so that if you do eventually decide to move in or even get married, you will have a far higher level of trust in your relationship. This can work wonders, as trust is something that is sorely lacking in many relationships where couples do live together or see one another every day.
  • Make sure you both know the rules: With a long distance relationship, it is important to have ground rules in place. In addition, you need to be sure that both of you know what these rules are. This could be rules relating to anything from whether or not you should pay one another surprise visits through to whether or not you are in an exclusive relationship. Basically, you need to be clear about your expectations with the other person.
  • Don’t be afraid to get flirty: Whether you are communicating via chat, text, instant messaging, or phone, you shouldn’t be afraid to get flirty and dirty with your talk. In fact, this is something that can make the other person feel more desired rather than alone. It also helps to relieve tension and can help to keep that spark going even when you are not together.
  • Avoid being secretive: One thing you need to avoid when you are in a long distance relationship is being secretive with your partner. It can be difficult enough for some people who are in this sort of relationship. However, if they then find out that you have been keeping secrets from them, it will make the situation much worse and will fuel mistrust. If you are going for a night out, for instance, let your partner know rather than waiting for them to find photos plastered all over Facebook.

There is no doubt that a lot of work and thought has to go into a long distance relationship in order to make it work over the long term. However, for many couples it is well worth the effort because it can help to build trust, keep the spark going, and give them their own space.

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