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How to make your first job resume stand out

First job, first resume. It’s when we decide to get independent and gain some work experience, we start applying for jobs and prepare for interviews. But apart from having field knowledge, and excellent communication skill, it is important that same gets reflected correctly in your resume. As first impression of a candidate that a recruiter gets is through his resume.

More appealing your resume, more are the chances of you getting shortlisted for the job interview. Now, when you search the internet for resume formats, you are more likely to get generic results and probably like you, your competitors would have opted for the same path.

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Put forward a fresh and unique resume on the recruiter’s desk that not only highlights your credentials appropriately but sets you apart from opponents.

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Here we are enlisting some tips and pictorial inspirations that’ll help you land a step closer to your first job –

  1. Credentials Clarity

As a fresher, you may fall short on experience and achievements, but with your now limited bank of school and college credits, you can impress the recruiter. Remember to add certifications, interests, and capacities that make you apt for the position. Keep the information crisp and short as the recruiter will only spare a minute or even less on each resume.

  1. Highlight It Right

Amongst so many applications, containing more or less same information you have to make sure that your resume catches attention. For that to follow, correctly highlighting the keywords will do the tricks. Try using different color tone for headings, section the information or use the bold and italic feature.


In case you are applying for a creative job, you can support the text with pictorial or graphical representation. Give your resume a theme based on your job profile; we have mentioned a few great designs reflecting sync of modernity with professionalism.





  1. Appealing Formats

Your resume format will play a significant role and can either to be a hit or miss. Though it is best to play safe, when  applying for a creative job, experimenting a bit with your resume does no harm.  Even those applying for more serious or professional job adding a bit of color or a border in generic format can prove beneficial.

The employer expects creativity and energy when he is at the task of hiring young freshers for the company.  You can give him a slice of both with your look-apart resume.

Resume formats can be broadly divided into three formats –

  • The information is left aligned – most commonly used format
  • The info sectioned and placed parallel – looks nice and presents everything at once
  • Wide border partition (top or left) – It’s different and highlights candidate’s name and contact details (what’s better than the recruiter remembers your profile)

Correct blend of all these elements will produce an impressive resume that’ll flawlessly present you to the recruiter. If you still have confusion or doubts, you can get help from online resume designing websites. For example, Canva and other such portals, stock creative and straightforward designs, just right to take inspiration for your first-job resume. What’s even better is these websites lets you customize the resume templates, by adding your info and tweaking the design

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