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How To Prepare Kefir Using Coconut Yogurt at Home?

How to prepare the Kefir in the house: the instructions to make the kefir in the house. Kefir of cow’s milk, kefir of vegetable milk or kefir of water. Everything about the preparation of the kefir.

For the preparation of the kefir you will be served kefiran, those in jargon called granules or kefir grains. The preparation of kefir requires milk inoculation with kefir fermentation, a bacterial agglomeration of yeast residues in polysaccharide structures produced by the same bacteria, these structures take on the classical grain structure and hence the name of kefir granules.

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Where to buy Kefir granules?

On ebay are many sellers who propose different weights of fresh and ready-to-use kefir granules. The kefir granules are reproduced independently, so an initial purchase, if well maintained, could last for years.

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For the preparation of the kefir, in addition to the kefiran you need a one liter glass jar and a breathable cap that you can build yourself using a coffee filter and a ring gasket.

Finally, you will need a “soil of culture” or rather, a means by which to feed the microorganisms present in the polysaccharide granules. Traditionally, kefir is prepared with whole milk, goat or cow, you can use any milk to get a kefir with a typical acid taste and semi-creamy texture similar to coconut yogurt.

If you do not love cow’s milk you can prepare the kefir of water. The water kefir requires a preliminary step: you’ll need to add to culture substrates for microorganisms, also you can not use tap water that could contain deadly chemicals for kefiran.

If you want to prepare the kefir with vegetable milk you can use coconut milk to the natural. Make sure you buy coconut milk free of chemical additives and no added sugars.

The prepared kefir can be drunk alone or mixed in the preparation of other recipes , among the simplest recipes with Kefir we mention smoothies and salty pancakes, where kefir is used to replace yogurt.

How to prepare the kefir in the house

The preparation of the kefir is extremely simple:

Versa 2 spoons of kefir granules in a glass jar

the amount of granules used initially heavily influences the flavor of the drink, with the experience you can make changes according to your taste.

Add 700 ml of cow’s milk to the jar, be careful not to fill the jar to the brim as fermentation requires oxygen. Leave 1/3 of the jar free.

Cover the vessel and keep it at room temperature

Low temperatures prevent fermentation while those excessively high kill the microorganisms.

Let it ferment the mixture for 8 hours.

Preparing the kefir in the evening, you will be able to drink the drink obtained the following morning . The longer the fermentation time, the more acidic and dense the kefir will be. If you do not like a very acidic flavor, you can only ferment for 5 hours. The coconut or coconut milk kefir must ferment for over 8 hours.

Filter the kefir with a tight knit strainer

After filtration, the kefir will be ready to drink or be used for other recipes that require “kefir yogurt.”

Kefir-based recipes and benefits

For the properties of kefir, its benefits on the body, recipes and its applications in the field of natural cosmetics, tell the book Kefir. The ferment of health.


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