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How To Preserve Weed & Maintain It’s Aroma?

Normally when we have finished the drying period of our plants or weed almost all of us tend to use to store our buds in glass jars or similar herb storage containers. However, it must be said that if we want to keep these substances for much longer it is not advisable to use these containers as there are many techniques to obtain perfect storage in the long term.

This usually happens when we talk about cannabis growers who grow inside and outside and get monstrous harvests that tend to last a long time throughout the year. Therefore it is important to know some techniques to be able to conserve our harvest without the crop losing its exquisiteness.

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To achieve this we should dislodge as much oxygen as possible from the storage container being the glass jars with screw-tight lid ideal for this task. We must make the most of the space available in the boat placing the buds so that there is as little space as possible between them because these holes contain oxygen. We must squeeze the buds just enough to fill the boat well but without forcing them since we would lose resin although it is always in the boat or we could also split them.

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Once the boat is full we usually close it and then store it somewhere dark cool and dry. What happens is that nobody or almost nobody is able to leave the boats quiet until the time to consume what is inside opening them sometimes to taste a bud or simply to smell them or show them to a friend. At that moment air re-enters with its oxidative oxygen load degenerating above all the aromatic agents and with time also the psychoactive ones. It is also the case that the caps of the boats do not close or adjust perfectly which produces a small but continuous gaseous exchange of unpleasant consequences with the passage of time.

Many times if you have used the aforementioned techniques we observe that over the months the same buds that once seemed perfect when opening those cans their smell does not cause the same sensation as at the beginning or even the same flavor. We can ask ourselves what is the cause of this loss in the substances and it is a very simple matter since the problem that causes it is the continuous oxidation by the presence of oxygen which could have been minimized to an extent by using smell proof weed container.

Therefore it would be ideal not to open them until the moment of consumption because if they are kept until this moment without opening they will retain all their characteristics.

But before finalizing I would like to tell you about a very efficient and little-used alternative still in this field which is vacuum vessels be they boats or bags. This method is practical because they remove practically all the air from the inside of the container and have secure closure systems that guarantee emptiness for long periods of time making the boats more efficient since the bags tend to crush the material when the vacuum is made.

Follow these tips and enjoy your weed for longer!

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