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How Truck Operators can Increase Profits using Vehicle(GPS) Tracking System

SAM- Smart Automobile Management

Truck owners providing logistics and supply chain solutions have a major problem in controlling the operational cost, many times which goes out of the budget and eat up the profit. The operational cost in the system is very much dependent on the vehicle and the driver.


GPS Tracking System is not just a live tracking tool, but a tool that helps you analyse vehicle performance. It allows you to set alerts for unwanted scenarios, and send instant notifications for the decided threshold. With advanced features like ‘Geo-fence Alerts,’ you can mark restricted areas on the map and get notified of vehicle’s entry/exit. ‘Playback History’ is a video that shows you full day travel history of the vehicle, which can help in controlling frauds and wrong decisions taken by the driver.

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Essential data points recorded in a good vehicle tracking system are as follows:

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  1. Distance Covered: Total distance covered for the day.
  2. Run Time: Time for which engine was running, and the vehicle was moving.
  3. Idle Time: Time for which engine was running, but the vehicle was not moving.
  4. Maximum Speed: Max speed of the day.
  5. 5Average Speed: Avg speed of the day.

Vehicle(GPS) Tracking System

Weekly or monthly comparison of above data points can give useful insight to make powerful business decisions. Get instant alerts for above data point to take necessary action in time. For example, setting an alert for maximum speed (point 4) helps you restrict your driver to a defined limit. Similarly, there can be alerts and thresholds defined for all data points.

How it works
GPS tracking system is an integration of hardware and software. Hardware needs to get installed in your vehicle so that you can use Mobile App or Web Dashboard, to check the performance of every trip. Mobile App is very convenient to use and keeps you handy all the time, however, web dashboard can be very effective for the higher number of vehicles.

VehicleTracking System

Cost Overview

There are various hardware-software combinations available in the market. Device quality and features integrated into the system is what decides the overall cost.

The range of cost for tracking systems available in the market:

  1. Hardware cost: Ranging from INR 1,500/- to INR 10,000/-.
  2. Software cost: Ranging from INR 50/month to INR 500/month. 


Grow your profits by reducing the operational cost. Monitor vehicle daily performance and get instant alerts to avoid unwanted expenses. The correct decision taken at the right time is a key to success.


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