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How Your Cigarette is Killing You Inside and How to Stop It


People are all about their health these days. Everyone wants to be healthy. Health magazines tell you to eat healthily. They tell you to exercise. Others tell you to be positive. Other than these common things health tips articles tell you, you must also stop smoking. This common habit that we see being done in Hollywood movies by celebrities like Keanu Reeves can actually kill you faster than the apocalypse. Do you want to know how your seemingly harmless, little cigarette has the great potential of being sneakier than ISIS? Here are facts on how smoking kills you.

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It Burns Your Lungs

When you light your cigarette, it creates a combustion. When you inhale your first tobacco smoke, you inhale this combustion with it. This combustion is loaded with toxins. Fortunately, for your first cigarette, your body naturally cleanses away all these toxins. Unfortunately, your cigarette also contains nicotine. Absorbing nicotine into your body makes you smoke another cigarette, and another cigarette, and so on. Chain smoking makes your body fill up with toxins faster than your body can clean. Soon, the insides of your lungs and airways get burned. These injuries cause a series of damages. Soon, the barrier between your body and your brain gets broken.

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It Spreads

The toxins and other chemicals reach your brain, infecting it and making it disintegrate. You become forgetful, depressed, and dumb. Soon, the toxins will also be in your heart. At its worst, you get multiples of heart diseases. The toxins also trigger other diseases that may already be in your family to affect you. The toxins worsen all your health problems extremely fast and cause you to have extreme difficulty recovering from these illnesses. You are not the only one who’s dying from tobacco, though. The people around you who inhale your smoke by accident get worse defects than the defects tobacco has given you. Secondhand smoke causes psychosis.

Stop It With E-cigarettes

Quit smoking by … well, not completely quitting smoking. You just have to switch to e-cigarettes. An e-cigarette is a device that comes in a wide range of sizes and shapes. The most common e-cigarette is shaped like a cigarette. It contains a little machine inside it and a few buttons. You need to buy the best e-liquid that fits your needs, insert it into your e-cigarette, adjust the little machine with the buttons, and then start using it. E-cigarettes contain the nicotine that you crave so much, but it does not have the combustion and the toxins. This is the reason why switching to e-cigarettes is currently the top way smokers quit smoking cigarettes.

Stop It With Chewing Gums, Music, and More

Before e-cigarettes were invented, smokers used other alternatives. These alternatives didn’t give them the nicotine they needed from tobacco, but the alternatives were still effective. Many smokers successfully quit smoking by chewing gum, learning to play a new musical instrument, and much more. Chewing gums can help you because it satisfies your craving for a cigarette a bit by giving your mouth something to do. Learning to play a new musical instrument can help you by distracting you from your cravings. Also, music is helpful in guiding the mind toward healing.

Stop It On Your Own

If this article scared you enough, you might be able to quit smoking by simply quitting. You will go on with your daily life and your routines, but you will not smoke a single cigarette. It is hard, but a few smokers have successfully done it. Quitting smoking is not impossible. Those old smokers just had enough motivation. You can be motivated like them by saving the money you would have spent on cigarettes. Did you know that cigarettes cost a lot these days? You will find out this truth as you watch your savings get bigger after stopping your habitual purchases of cigarettes.

More Tips

So what are you waiting for? Throw your pack of cigarettes into the trash can. Or soak them in the sink. Then start planning your path to recovering from the bad, deadly habit of smoking. Make sure to create a Plan B and a Plan C just in case your first plan doesn’t seem to work out. Make your way to a healthier and longer life with your loved ones.

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