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International Trip Advice for New Travellers

International Trip

Overseas journey is not easy for everyone, especially for first timers. You need to be very careful about certain things that a new traveler generally misses out. Here, in this blog, I have jotted down few very crucial tips for booking airline tickets, handling or exchange of money, for someone travelling overseas for the first time.

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After reading this detailed guide, you can be assured to get good travel experience overseas without breaking your bank.

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Take a look on these money-saving tips before you start your international voyage.

Stay Flexible to get Best Deals

If you wish to make your trip economical, you might have to go for something that a lot of people resist to do- don’t fix a particular date or destination for travelling overseas. The more flexible your plan will be the higher the chance of getting better deals.

These days, you will find a number of websites that offer flexible search tools. You can use those tools and see how many days ‘after’ or ‘before’ your ideal date will come for the trip.  You will get to see fare list for everyday, and you will notice that it changes from day-to-day.

Let the Best Deal Decided the Destination

This is the best way to purchase an amazing deal and then decide why you want to visit that location. This is one of the best philosophies, “let the deal decide your destination”, instead choosing a destination and then deciding the time and date for cheap flight booking to go there.

There is a tool named ‘explore’ or ‘search’ available on many websites that enable you to check departure time, date and city. By checking all these, you can decide your budget cap and flying.

Give a try to this tool.

Look For Discounts

Researchers have suggested many times that those airlines that offers cheap flight bookings give a much better experience or equally comforts as compared to full-fare airlines. You can go for booking cheap flights by comparing prices from the list. There are many websites like TravelMano, Farehouse, and many others that offers great discounts time-to-time for their new or regular customers. So, keep a check on these websites.

Avoid Baggage Fee

Jet Blue and Southwest are the two airlines that allow you to check your baggage without paying any fee. Southwest permits two check baggage fares whereas JetBlue permits your first bag absolutely free. Ofcourse, these are not just two airlines by which you will travel lifetime. But if you are travelling alone then you can surely avoid baggage fee by not checking out bags.

Learn More about Trip Insurance

While travelling overseas, travel or trip insurance is the most important thing to know about. Trip insurance policies are deliberately designed to guard consumers at the time of illness to the traveller or immediate family members or any kind of mishaps. These policies also enable travellers to get a refund in case of airlines or trip operator defaults.

You should always take trip insurance policies when you are making payment of the huge amount like a thousand dollars in advance. Just make sure you buy a policy that is independent of the tour or vacation planner. Never ever buy a trip insurance plan from trip organisers, these types of policies are prepared to protect the only trip organizer or the company not the customers.  You can anticipate a policy to cost around 6 percent of the total cost of the journey.

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