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Is Company Coaching like Executive Coaching?

coachingExecutive coaching and Company coaching…those two words make a big difference on the type of coaching on offer, but for serious organisations, it’s the results that should do the talking.

Company coaching is a specialist Executive Coaching:

Not content with helping mere individuals achieve greater goals, the company coach is all about helping the department, the team or even the entire organisation. The company coach is a specialist executive coach who has developed a particular skill set to enable them to focus on groups instead of one on one coaching. Often a company will engage the services of a company coach to build momentum or help to develop a new strategy.

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By tackling the organisation as a whole rather than focusing on the individual, a company coach can really get into the nuts and bolts of the firm and can reshape its very business model if required. With unparalleled access to the company, its workings and its personnel, a company coach can be a powerful tool for defining, measuring and developing key practices, resources and behaviours.

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Company coaches will often work hand in hand with senior staff and company leadership to nurture and grow new policies, protocols and practises. The firm may be attempting to introduce a new sustainable model for the business or the management team may be gearing up for a merger. or another big impact change. Whatever the cause, a company coach is a great way to pick up valuable insight from an outsider’s perspective, something that is often impossible to achieve from within.

At CoachDirectors, we have worked with a number of companies in this capacity and one thing is always certain – the bond generated between a company coach and their client is one of cast iron. Many of our clients have likened the process of employing a company coach to having a special mirror and it’s a good metaphor. Often hiring a company coach grants you access to aspects of your firm that are hard to see from the inside. With little fuss it’s easy to hold that mirror up and see where mistakes are being made and where efficiency is being lost.

Benefits of using a company coach:

Another key benefit of using a company coach is finding out new ways to get the job done. We are often so set in our ways that the simplest of alternatives can seem troublesome and unnecessary. Being a third party allows a company coach the ability to cut through such red tape and get straight to the facts. In short, it’s easier to follow the advice of an outsider than it is to speak to each other sometimes, even if what you have been saying is pretty much the same.

A company coach may have additional skills and experience, but the basic idea and deliverables can sound very similar to those one would expect from an executive coach, as can the end results. Both aim to move performance from point A to point B.
They can measure efficiency, help to improve revenue, increase profits, identify assets and highlight the specific ROI for the company based on their investment in coaching and also track their progress towards their chosen objectives. In the end, whereas executive

coaching seeks to move each individual from A to B, one at a time, a company coach will be able to move the whole company from A to B.

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