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Luxury vehicle wraps: Six reasons to use it for luxury cars like BMW

luxury carsDespite doing regular maintenance and care extreme weather conditions can affect the body.  Deposits of salt and dirt can reduce the shine and if left untreated can even scrap the original paint. Instead of redoing paint, using vehicle wraps is a cost effective way to protect original paint work of your luxury car. It will let you save good money without compromising the quality. In contrast to that painting is an expensive job. Especially if you are going for high quality paint, this job will become too expensive.

Vehicle wraps are conveniently available at auto care shops at reasonable prices and helps to keep your luxury cars in pristine condition for longer period of time. Luxury care facilities like BMW service in Dubai, frequently suggest car owners to use vehicle wraps to protect body and original paint.

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In addition to providing added protection, vehicle wraps also offer certain benefits, which can’t be expected from paints alone. Below I am sharing few reasons to show the benefits of using these coverings.

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Reasonable cost

You can’t take the risk of using low quality paint for a luxury automobile, as it will start showing the signs of wear and tear within few years. In contrast to cheap quality paint job, a high quality professionally installed sheet is affordable. Significant life expectancy of 4-10 years makes them suitable and affordable.

Improved resale value

As these sheets enable vehicles to retain not only the original paint work from the manufacturer, it improves the resale value of these vehicles. Covering will further protect auto body from expected damages due to harsh weather conditions. Auto wraps are available in a wide range of colors. You can pick any color according to your needs and personal choices.

Minimum installation time

Painting is time taking job and takes at least two to three weeks or longer. When it comes to wrapping a vehicle, it doesn’t take more than 3-5 days. Your vehicle will be completely transformed in few days.

Enhanced protection

These vinyl coverings protect every inch of vehicle from environmental hazards and prolonged exposures of harsh weather conditions and sunlight. These sheets work like shield and protect vehicles from abrasions and stone chips.

Simple maintenance

Being a luxury vehicle owner, you must aware with the importance of waxing after washing the body. It’s expensive, time consuming and tiring if you are opting to do it on your own. In contrast to that vehicle wraps can be easily maintained. Your car will be looking sparkling clean after washing with soap and water. To further maintain the shine of coating, you can also special sprays as well.

Easy and safe removal

Despite offering flawless finish and shine, these vinyl coatings can be easily removed. Once they become faded and start losing their shine, you can safely remove them. Removing will not scratch the original paint work. To maximize the life of these wraps, avoid parking your vehicle under direct sunlight and under open skies. Keep it under covered garage area to maintain shine and smooth finish.

Endnote: Luxury vehicles like BMWs deserve exceptional care. They should get inspected regularly at authorized service centers for best BMW service in Dubai.

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