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Men’s Wedding Band Trends You Must Consider

Men’s Wedding Band

New trends in men’s wedding bands emerge every year. We have observed that fashion trends are becoming more and more fluid and gradually less gender-specific. Wedding band styles for men are actually evolving. Today you have access to an exceptional collection of men’s wedding bands in varied designs, textures, and metals to suit your personality, lifestyle, and most importantly, your budget.

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The best thing about having a wide range of choices is that you could choose a wedding band that best portrays your image and reflects who you actually are. Depending on your style you could opt for the exotic, super-stylish, and intricately designed wedding band or simply opt for the minimalist one. Here are the top wedding band trends for men that are the hottest in 2017.

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New Metals Ruling the Men’s Wedding Band Scene

Traditionally, men’s wedding bands have mostly been crafted from white gold or yellow gold. However, in recent times, there has been a growing inclination towards the use of more durable and robust metals in keeping with changing lifestyle. Gold wedding rings are beautiful and definitely precious but gold is a super-soft metal that is susceptible to damages. As such, innovative jewelry designers have come up with superb wedding bands in new heavier metals like tungsten, titanium, cobalt, and platinum etc.

Titanium wedding bands are hugely popular because they are lightweight. Tungsten wedding bands are a rage thanks to their amazing looks and robust nature. All these new metals are able to withstand damage. They are also preferred because they are dent and scratch resistant. They would retain their luster and look beautiful for many years to come.

Popularity of Dark Colors

There has been a gradual shift from white, silver or other light-colored wedding bands in platinum or white gold. Instead, the modern man has shown his preference for the dark-colored attractive wedding bands such as the black or dark gray titanium and tungsten wedding bands. Many celebrity grooms in recent times have flaunted the dark looks and this has led to the growing popularity of the dark-colored wedding bands. Visit the website to learn more.

The Dazzling Diamonds

More and more guys are opting for the sparkling colored stones and diamonds. Diamond wedding rings are hugely popular among the grooms in 2017. Jewelry designers are coming up with innumerable creative ways of incorporating diamonds and other gemstones into men’s wedding bands. A sleek wedding band with a single diamond could leave a subtle imprint while a wedding band with multiple diamonds could lead to a vibrant statement piece.

Rose Gold for the Contemporary Look

The latest trend is a magical mix of two brilliant metals creating the dual colored look. It is a fabulous way of creating something unique and incredibly beautiful. Rose gold is often used today and is the choice of the new generation. A metal mix is a great option for guys who do not like the sparkle associated with diamonds. Rose gold details would be infusing a subtle lift and giving a whole new dimension to the traditional metals. Opt for rose gold if you are looking for an all-new look.


Today as new trends are emerging, several classic styles are also being overhauled and reinvented by incorporating intricate details like sectioning and coin-edging. For the guys who are not so much inclined towards jewelry, the classic flat band is still reigning supreme.

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