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Now Sell Your MacBook In a Secure and Fast Way!


Did you know you can now turn your Apple gadget, which you are not using anymore, into instant cash? Macback allows you to do that in three absolutely simple steps. We have amazing offers for you to sell your mac products that are just lying at your place and taking up space and have no use in your routine life. Not only this, you also get friendly and speedy customer service. Let us tell you how!

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How to sell your mac faster:

The process is perhaps the simplest! You only have three small steps to undergo. Below, we will walk you through them:

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1 – Getting Quote

Here, you just notify us of the version of your mac that you need to sell.

2 – Shipping

Here, you are ready to ship the item once the quote is accepted.

3 – Payment

There are two payment modes, you can either tell us that you would like to receive your money through PayPal or you may also like us to send it to you via your bank.

Once we receive your shipment we take a maximum of 48 hours to inspect the machine. Once an inspection is over, we make payments right at the moment. Bravo! You just sold your gadget that wasn’t being used by you anymore! This is when you make a plan to further invest your money elsewhere and use it effectively.

Why would you sell your Mac?

People do business with us for multiple reasons. Some of them, we would like to highlight below:

  • Quick and easy payments

The payments have not held any longer after inspection.

  • Safe and Secure

A proper security protocol is followed throughout the transaction.

  • Safety of Customer’s Data

Data of customers inside the machines are carefully an thoroughly erased using mandatory SOPs.

  • Customer’s Trust

Thousands of our customers trust us with their gadgets and money. We also offer free of cost return policy if any customer feels that they are not satisfied with the service.

About MacBook Pro

Apple released their MacBook Pro line in the year 2006 to replace the PowerBook model. The MacBook Pro laptops are at the high-end level under the MacBook computers category as they also employ Intel Core Processors instead of the old ones that had PowerPC G4.

It was launched in 2006 and that is when its production began. It became available in three different screen sizes and the memory limit started at 2GB.

After two years, Apple launched its second generation of MacBook Pro in 2008 as an upgrade to the earlier one. It employed unibody and had a design somewhat like the MacBook Air. It had glossy screen resolutions and the memory capacity started at 4GB.

In 2012, it again launched the next generation with the Retina that had Core i7. It had an aluminum enclosure and thunderbolt port. The memory started at 8GB.

The fourth generation, however, was released in 2016 with two different screen options including 13 and 15 inches. It features a touchscreen and a touchpad that is as much as 46% wider than the older machines.

Game of the Week: Subway Surf Run App Store Link

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