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On the way from traditional to interactive

PDF to Doc

No one will be surprised today about usual documents in PDF format. One of recent question is how make an electronic edition with interactive elements from paper original quickly and simply?

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We still like to read, but in connection with the accelerating pace of life, we ​​strive to organize this process as conveniently as possible. People want to use either a very light computer, a phone with a large screen, or a book, or an electronic one, for reading.

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The trend is known. Publishers translate existing books into electronic form – this is either PDF or an e-book format (EPUB, FB2, etc.). To obtain a PDF file suitable for web publishing, the original source is an existing PDF file of printing quality or the layout itself. In either case, it is preferable to use the PDF file as the source, since the open layout can “move away” even if the version of the application is slightly changed. But to convert from PDF to Doc in our time can any PC user, young or not, with experience or without it. To do this the PDF file is placed in the online converter from PDF to Doc. If you want to receive the file for the e-book directly from the layout, use the vertex programs of the latest versions, for example, Adobe InDesign. In all other cases, e-books are created by converting from PDF files. The proposed solution is guaranteed to reduce labor costs of production.

I’ll tell you about the tools for PDF transformation. At the moment, there are several options that basically come down to two types: manual and software. Each has its own pluses and minuses, but all of them are able to automate the process and create an application that receives one file at the input, and the output is another that does not require any changes.

Distributed and manually converted PDF. Manual for converting PDF-files apply Adobe Acrobat. This is a very powerful, resource-intensive and expensive tool that requires a fairly high level of competence. The result, given by the application, is ideal. Using the Actions subsystem, if not completely, then at least partially automate the process of creating PDF files.

In case then you will need to convert a file from PDF to Doc, you can use an appropriate service – online converter. Depends on a small number of pages the converting will be free or you will need to pay, and the formatted text will look as similar as the original especially if there are no illustrations in the original book.

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