Yahoo Livetext Online for PC Windows & Mac

Yahoo Livetext Online for PC

  This is an app in which you can do live chat with your friends no sound only text in this app with video. Only you need a data package or a local internet connection to use this app ans you can stay connected with your friends and family no …

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Xender Online for PC Windows & Mac

Xender Online for PC

 This is an all in one file transferring app for you, you want to share files between smartphones or you want to share files between your computer and smartphone this is the app you need to fulfill your requirement. Besides connection and transfer between Android devices, Xender also allows transfers between …

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Wonder5 Masters Online for PC Windows & Mac

Wonder5 Masters Online for PC

 This is an fantasy role playing game with 3D graphics, in this game you have to collect legendary heroes and create an army of heroes. You have to battle with other players around the world beat your opponents with your best strategy and lethal combination of heroes. Wonder5 Masters Online …

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Squaready Online for PC Windows & Mac

Squaready Online for PC

 This is an app with which you can post your entire photo album on Instagram with out cropping any singe photo. With instasize feature of this app you can make a rectangle photo into square shape with just one tap. You can also change the background with color blur background …

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Kekanto Online for PC Windows & Mac

Kekanto Online for PC

 If you are a travelling lover then you will love this app, this app will help you find your desired locations. If your a new to a city you can easily find any hotel, restaurant, coffee shop, shopping mall etc. This app will also let you now about famous places …

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Truemessenger Online for PC Windows & Mac

Truemessenger Online for PC

 This is an app which helps you filter your inbox it will block all spam messages and unwanted messages from your inbox. This app will also tells you the owner of the message sent to you even if the sender is not added in your contact list. With this app …

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Genies & Gems Online for PC Windows & Mac

The spell binding 3-match puzzle game is here like hundreds of others available at the current moment, every other 3-match puzzle game has the same game-play, but with different goals and tasks to complete.In Genies & Gems, Thieves have stolen the palace treasure and it is your duty to bring all the …

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WiFi File Transfer Pro Online for PC Windows & Mac

Wireless file transferring is one of the best innovation of modern era, I mean seriously carrying data cables with you is quite a nuisance and loosing one or damaging a cable can cause even more frustration, so here we have another solution for data transferring, which requires both devices to …

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Shareit Online for PC Windows & Mac

SHAREit for Pc. Since the invention of Wireless technologies, every other thing is going wireless, even some applications is giving Data cables quite a tough time. What we need is something that gives us unlimited data transferring at brilliant speed without any limit on the number of files you are …

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Jelly Jump Online For PC Windows & Mac

Jelly Jump is an exciting and a fun loving game which is powered by Ketchapp In this game the little adorable jellies need your help all you have to do is to cross and jump the jellies and save them from drowning over. Follow the path until you reach the exit …

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