Pixduel Online for PC Windows & Mac

We are all the fans of random and General knowledge based questions, but we all don’t want to just rely on words only, what would be better if we have an option of pictures above the Question, wouldn’t that makes the game easy, well if only the educational institutes understand …

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Rop Online for PC Windows & Mac

Play Store is being filled with games and more games and then even more games and the worst part is that, most of these games have ads on them and while playing, you get a simple pop-up and boom! everything is gone. However, if the game is worth it, then …

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Iron Force Online for PC Windows & Mac

Tanks, Tanks everywhere, you are engage in a battle of honor, which is Epic, full of blasts and booms and not to mention, it also features, Multi-Player Tank battles. Take on the legions of different commanders from all over the world in team based and chaotic free for all battles. …

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Nextplus Online for PC Windows & Mac

Free SMS and calls are something that everyone wanted, however, they are not easy to get, obviously they are expensive, due to which the social media sites and social chatting system were brought into existence and they reached the top like a fire in the jungle, still there are those …

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Dead Effect 2 Online for PC Windows & Mac

Dead Effect 2 Online for PC

Dead Effect 2 is a shooting game in first person set in a huge spaceship, in which players will have to deal with an infection that has made ​​all hands (which is not exactly little) into zombies wanting to eat our entrails. The game is divided into several interconnected levels, …

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Deemo Online for PC Windows & Mac

Deemo Online for PC

Deemo is a musical rhythm game with a fantasy story, which perfectly combines the mechanics of titles like Tap Tap Revolution, with more typical of an adventure novel visual or narrative elements. The game’s story introduces us to Deemo , a mystical character who lives in the solitude of his …

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Vainglory Online for PC Windows & Mac

One of the best Real-time Mobile action game, Vainglory gives you the opportunity to adopt lighting fast controls and apply it to any other RPG game you are playing. The heroes available in this game are damn powerful and every upgrade you attach them, they become even more strong. Destroy the …

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Mitosis The Game Online for PC Windows & Mac

Match the Cells and survive or die trying, the only two options we have, whether we are in the real world, or the virtual world. What you are in this game is a Cell and you are looking for other cells and trying to absorb them and the more you …

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Elevator Online For PC Windows & Mac

Elevator Online for PC

Elevator Online for PC is one of those games that stir the Havoc in the public. All you have to do is jump to the next elevator and react as fast as you can as the Speed will start to increase as you go further in the game. It is …

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Earn to Die 2 Online For PC Windows & Mac

Earn to Die 2 Online for PC

Earn to Die 2 is a racing game in two dimensions in which players will have to drive through a post-apocalyptic wasteland strewn with obstacles and zombies in scarce gasoline and humanity. The control system Earn to Die 2 is the usual games in the genre: on the right side …

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