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How to optimize better logistics workflows using redesigned warehouse layouts

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Interior of a modern warehouse

Professionally designed warehouse layouts by consultants that know how to manage optimal workflows produce more efficient warehouse facilities. This has several advantages. Working conditions for warehouse employees are better. The environment is safer for pedestrians and forklift operators.

If a warehouse is experiencing inefficiencies, then executive staff need to look at a redesign to ensure the best use of all resources and a warehouse layout that improves not impairs business needs. It is important to find a consultant with  warehouse layout and design expertise to deliver a plan that will result in a safer, more efficient warehouse.

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Here is what a warehouse design professional looks at when they do an initial audit:

Rack installation

Be sure racking is installed properly. Also, install rack protector products to guard against collisions and unnecessary damage. Do not ignore even small dents.

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Aisle Clearance

There should be ample room for workers and lift truck operators to work safely.

Operating space

Fork trucks have enough space to move efficiently in the aisles as well as at picking and loading locations.

Rack inspection

Your consultant will ensure rack meets weight requirements with margin to spare.

Equipment repair or replacement

Aging forklifts should be replaced if not keep in top operating order. Equipment should be sent for repair by a certified forklift mechanic  or you should consider replacing old equipment with cost effective used forklifts or new equipment where possible.

Rack maintenance

Rack repair should be done regularly. Do this immediately if a collision has occurred. Do not risk a weakened rack system.

Forklift operators

All employees that use equipment are certified to operate a forklift and the fully understand safety practices as set out by OSHA  in the USA or your country’s governing body. One or more safety officers (usually forklift trainers) need to be assigned to make sure that workplace injuries or forklift accidents do not happen. They can also ensure that workers comply with safety rules.

How get a warehouse layout redesigned

You can seek out a warehouse design expert like this one on the east coast of the United States or this one on the U.S. west coast. in the Pacific Northwest. If you are an employee, you should alert your manager to your concerns about the warehouse design and encourage them to find an expert who can help resolve any design issues that may be impairing team efforts to get the job done in the warehouse. Warehouse managers should be sure to make existing layouts available to consultants. They will need to inspect the warehouse and review warehouse operation goals.

Finally, a nearby or trusted forklift dealer will also  be able to match you with a warehouse layout and design consultant. These people are often available in-house and can be contracted or you can be referred to a third party experts by them. Often they will have affiliations with consulting firms that they can refer you to.

You might also consider getting started initially with this warehouse design app.


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