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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus to be the best smartphone

The newest Samsung Galaxy S8+, the fashion and style smartphone, the new bet of Samsung to reign in the high range of this year. This smartphone has undoubtedly been on everyone’s lips in this first half of the year, either because of the numerous leaks before its presentation, because of the controversy it has generated, and because of its high-end situation, which to this day, is to be the best smartphone on the market. And, now the leaks loop has started for the next generation Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

Two years ago, we could see the first bet on the curved screen in the market, and it was Samsung with the S6 Edge. A smartphone that was not perfect, but that its design already began to attract attention. A design that has become the envy of all brands. Its weak points were battery life, water resistance, and storage. And, these weak points that will be fixed once the Samsung Galaxy S9 makes to the market.

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Last year, at the Mobile World Congress, we could meet the S7 and S7 Edge, two smartphone that came to improve everything we had done last year bad Samsung. It had a great battery, water resistance, possibility to increase the internal memory through microSD cards, and endless good arguments to become the best mobile on the market. Obviously without leaving aside his design, which was again curved. And, now Infinity Plus display is rumored for the Galaxy S9.

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After a few weeks with the Samsung Galaxy S8 +, one can see it has really met all the expectations that users can have, and it stands as the best smartphone in the market. The first thing is going to review its design, which may be its most important point. We find a 6.2-inch screen in a compact body. Compared to the S7 Edge, it only grows one centimeter and gains 0.7 inches on the screen. This is thanks to its new “Infinite Screen” which leaves us with virtually nonexistent frames and brings a new screen format: 18.5: 9, which will make us enjoy the smartphone differently. And, without any doubts the infinity plus display from Samsung will take the Samsung Galaxy S9 plus even ahead.

As for the materials, we find that it continues betting on the glass in the back and the metal on the edges. This time, we did not find a fingerprint sensor on the Home button, but a fingerprint sensor on the back, just to the right of the camera. A position that has generated much controversy and that we do not think is right. In other Galaxy, we have criticized that the camera of the mobile excels, something that has corrected Samsung this year with its camera of 12 megapixels. The speaker is located on the bottom edge of the smartphone. 1000FPS that has been leaked for the next Galaxy, can first appear in the S9?

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