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Site Optimization Vs Traffic Optimization; which is Better?

Site Optimization Vs Traffic OptimizationOnly a couple of years ago, internet marketing strategies were focused on getting more and more traffic to your website. Why? Because more traffic meant more customers. For a time, this seemed to be true, but things seemed to have changed since competition has toughened up and user experience gained importance. Getting traffic in the early days was easy and affordable, but competition increased when everyone started to do it and this made it more expensive and difficult. Therefore, it has become a practice for businesses to focus more on improving their conversion rate of traffic they are already getting instead of driving up the volume and hoping for good results.

This is how the concept of site optimization and traffic optimization have been developed. The simple fact is that both of these practices are essential to the success of your online marketing campaign. However, the problem is that marketers cannot decide where to focus on; should they focus on increasing traffic via site optimization or boost conversation rate through traffic optimization? First, you need to understand exactly what these two involve before making a decision.

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Site Optimization

This process comprises of strategies and tactics for ensuring that your website is easily discoverable for search engine robots and can be indexed for the terms you wish to be ranked for. You can do on-site SEO, which means changes you can make on your site, and off-site SEO, which refers to things that can be done off the website. The former is focused on different parts of the website that are under your control and can affect your rankings. This includes things such as title tags, headings, image ALT tags, URL structure, page speed, internal linking structure and page content.

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As far as off-page SEO is concerned, it entails things like number of domains linking to your site, domain authority, number of links to your website amongst etc. that are not fully in your control, but can be influenced. You can do a split-test of your website to determine which website version gets the best response. Direct half of the traffic to your original page and the other half to an improved and better version of your site; the conversion rate will give you your answer.

Traffic Optimization:

Traffic Optimization

This is focused on ensuring that you are sending the right kind of traffic to your website and getting the highest amount to convert into customers. In this process, you have to market your website in front of your target audience and not just to anyone else. If you are selling something to the American market, there would be no point in getting traffic from China. Hence, this involves advertising in the right place and to the right people or else your money will go to waste. You need to work on finding the right keyword for your business. Some SEO may also be involved here as you need to optimize website content accordingly.

In simple words, both site optimization and traffic optimization are closely linked. It can often be difficult for a business to decide where to dedicate most of their efforts on. In an ideal situation, you should focus on both traffic and site optimization at the same time, but in case it is not possible, it is best to start with traffic optimization. After all, what would the point of optimizing your website when the traffic coming in is simply not interested in your product or service? Once you have your target audience visiting the website, you can optimize its features to offer them a great and memorable experience to get repeated business.

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