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Top 3 Social Media Campaigns in 2017?

Social Media CampaignsSocial Media and E-commerce

Social media and e-commerce have been the perfect duo of 2017. Businesses have used social media campaigns to increase their online presence, advertise and fulfill customer service to their target audience. Selling has been initiated as content sharing. Facebook likes, Instagram likes, Twitter favorites, Pinterest likes and many more social media gestures hint to brands about their audience interests. With this information, every e-commerce site can potentially hit the mark with a massive crowd online.

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That’s why building a relationship with your online followers, through content and engagement, play a critical role in e-commerce success. People don’t go to social media for shopping, they go there to see what their friends are up to, find out what’s happening around where they are or they just want to be entertained. And so, brands need to get creative in reaching out to them.

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According to entrepreneur.com, the number of internet shoppers in the US alone will reach 217 million this year. Targeting even a small fraction of that number can be game-changing for many online businesses. Now is the perfect time to use social media campaigns to connect with online shoppers.

To give us great ideas to start with, here are three social media campaigns that have been at the top so far this 2017. One, two or three tips from them may just be what your e-commerce store needs to reach out to more potential buyers.

  1. Bonobos grew its revenue up to 65%.

Bonobos is a men’s clothing retailer from New York City. It sells stylish men’s apparel through its website. It first escalated its customer service and marketing inquiries by managing customer cases as quickly as possible based on their own set of criteria. For example, tweets with derogatory words were prioritized. They did the same with Facebook and emails. They also used Twitter advertising for a short period, ran contests and crowdsourced names for their new products. They used Hootsuite’s free version for campaign management. It enabled them to share corporate account access, schedule tweets and Facebook posts and, apply simple URL click analytics. By adapting to solutions to their challenges, Bonobos kept on growing on their fans and followers on Twitter and Facebook. With increased interactions in both social media, it brought enormous traffic to their website where they sell clothes. That’s how their revenue grew by 65%. Amazing!

  1. Rent the Runway grew from zero to over 6 million members.

Rent the Runway is a rental e-commerce business. You can create a free account on their website and have access to over 25,000 dresses and 4,000 accessories. Members can rent a dress, with a second size for free, in 4 to 8 hours priced at around $30-$250. It has over 6 million members by the end of 2016. How did it grow so big starting from zero in 2009? There are surely many reasons contributing to its success, but one thing is, how to Rent the Runway dominated in social media. It currently has 618,000 followers on Facebook, where it starts conversations with its consumers.

Through Facebook, consumers share their own photos wearing dresses from Rent the Runway. By doing this, their very own customers help them spread the word about the brand. It also uses Pinterest to show images related to fashion, beauty, photography and inspirational quotes. It uses Twitter to host regular style chats with their audience on topics related to style. Rent the Runway founders say that images are a very important part of their business growth and fame. They rely on the 10% of renters who continually submit their own photos either in their Facebook Page or the websites’ review section.

  1. Sakura Bloom built a large community of families.

Sakura Bloom is a baby sling/carrier e-commerce site. It sells to families with babies and new parents, and who are always on the go. Currently, it has over 138,000 Facebook followers and 113,000 Instagram followers. These two social media channels seem to be the main sources of its website traffic and sales. It has built outstanding relationships with its consumers. One factor that made it obvious is, Sakura’s target market projects a certain kind of culture-specific to families with babies. For example, by using the Sakura Bloom sling, it meant that consumers also spend more time with their children.  

They advocate breastfeeding, traveling with family, parenting, etc. It engages its audience through the various community-based campaigns that it runs on a regular basis, such as the Sling Diaries where it asks Sakura users to post a picture in Instagram as they use the product. Sakura Bloom counts on high-quality photos of daily life’s moments with its baby sling, as the heart and soul of its social media efforts, especially in Instagram. It also leverages on Twitter and Pinterest. It uses hashtags to run contests.

There you have it, three inspiring cases to learn from. Which one do you think can work best for your e-commerce site? Go ahead and follow what’s already working. There’s still time to create the success that you want for your business before this year ends. Although they’re very important, don’t spend much time creating and managing your social media campaigns. You don’t really have to. Use the best tools of the trade, like Sociamonials, to save time and create effective campaigns.

Choose the Right Social Media Platform

Choose the right platform in your social media marketing. Your campaigns should be specific to your audience and the goal that you want to achieve. It’s important that you know which ones work, so you could do more of what engages your audience and discard those that don’t. All these heavy work can be done simply using Sociamonials.

With its point and click system, all you need to do is to get creative with your campaigns and decide which one to implement. Your time is precious and so are the social media opportunities that await your e-commerce business. Grow your brand using its social media tools. Reach out to the 217 million internet shoppers when you go to www.sociamonials.com.

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