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Top 5 iOS Apps Part 2

iOS Apps

Mobile applications, especially for iOS platform are present in millions. Majority of the people download apps that have good reviews and those that arrive on the first page of the search list. Most of them tend to neglect other applications or do not even bother to look at the description. Of course, not everyone wants to experiment with new apps on their devices, but there are plenty of hidden applications that are exciting and provide the needed functionality and productivity that one would expect from a well-established platform. In this assignment, we will be giving out information related to the top five iOS applications that have incredible functionality.

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  1. Moleskine Timepage

The application may be around for a while and well-known in the notebook categories than in the mobile application platform. It is a smart calendar and organizer, which functions efficiently with the existing calendar provided in the device along with those of iCloud, Google, and Facebook. The simple layout offers the upcoming appointments of the day while the month’s heat map will review the entire schedule.

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  1. Bumpers

With the guidance of this application, it is possible for you to turn your iPhone into a podcast studio. It has all the features that one would expect from the studio – recording, publishing, and editing. If you have a grip on podcasts, you can start beginning with podcast episodes. Once you set up your account, you will receive an option for custom URL, and from there, you can begin the journey on your iPhone. The software chops the recording into manageable chunks and helps in adding labels, which you can sort out later.

  1. Just Press Record

If the time is running away from you and you are in need of assistance that can record at the tap of the button, then try Just Press Record application. The major attraction is the built-in transcription feature, making it easy to transcribe any recording into the needed language. Users can also begin recording without unlocking the phone by long press using the notification widget or the app icon. You can also sort out recordings based on date and time and manually rename the file.

  1. Bear

The application is a simple notetaking app that works greatly. You can even doodle, right down prose, and even collect snippets of code. Focus mode gets you onto the business, and the markup editor assists you in over 20 programming languages. The application also includes tag support and cross-note links, which makes it easy for you to perform a quick search.

  1. GarageBand

The passion for music is never-ending. If you belong to this category, then there is nothing that beats GarageBand when it comes to composing music. The application is a free to use platform consisting of all the features, instruments and tools that help in creating music. This platform is available on iMac, Mac and iPhone with same features and now you can get Garageband for Windows too and enjoy it on your PC. One can edit, remix, cut, merge, and perform several such activities along with a host of other activities. It even provides the opportunity to learn the basics of guitar and piano.

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