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What Your Air Conditioner Installer Isn’t Telling You

It is stressful to live in a house without an air conditioner. Unless you are an HVAC expert there are several things you may not be aware of yet the air conditioning installers won’t tell you unless you ask. Sometimes they may not tell you because of safety matters or because they want you to keep calling them for their services.


  1. You could lose money on your heating and cooling system

You depend on your HVAC year round, whether it’s cold or hot. But do you know the right size of the HVAC your house needs? Do you also know how to make it last longer? These are some of the things you must consider to avoid energy losses and subsequent high power bills.  

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  1. You can use a butter knife if you don’t have a screwdriver

Yes, you heard right. If you are securing an air conditioner to the window with screws, you need not worry about screwdrivers. And if you don’t have screws, use paper clips or thumbtacks. This is something a professional AC installer cannot tell you because it is haphazard.

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  1. You need a lawyer if the AC injures someone

The AC can fall off the window and injure someone heavily. Don’t fret. What you need is a good lawyer to help you make an insurance claim because the accident is not your fault but the flimsy construction of the building that causes the AC to fall. The settlement you get will also help you move to a safer apartment.


  1. Free heating and cooling services are deceptive

If you see a free HVAC service ad, ignore it because nothing in this life is offered free. This is very common during extreme seasons. Think twice before you fall for this lie. When was the last time you got something for free and got satisfied 100%?  Free or discounted inspections and services are tripwires you cannot afford to fall for. Before you hire a company, go to its website and check the prices, certification, and customer reviews. Make sure you choose a service that will meet your specific needs.


  1. Your air conditioner doesn’t need a recharge

Your AC is not like a smartphone so you don’t have to worry about recharging it. Be careful with any installer who tells you to recharge the unit. When the refrigerant falls low, the most probable issue could be leakage. Ask a qualified technician to fix the leakage and find out in advance how much you should pay for. During installation, the refrigerant should be weighed take note of the weight so you can pay fairly. In the same manner, take a close look at the refrigerant weight before and after fixing.


If you need repair on your HAVC, call Rockwall ductless heating system installers. But there is something you need to know: if the expert recommends replacement, do not be apprehensive because you probably know so little. However, you can always seek a second opinion when in doubt.


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